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  1. i took the nclex without reviewing

    to babinski123: when did u take your exam? i did the same thing too..took the exam 8/6unprepared and because my att has almost reached the deadline!..i was following your previous posts re: pvt..unfortunately i've got the bad pop up..the only thing t...
  2. kindly advice

    thnx tweety :) hoping for more suggestions..
  3. kindly advice

    i recently failed my nclex-rn exam for the 1st time..i wanted to work while preparing for my retake..i have a baby and would like to help with our family's finances..what jobs would you recommend me? is there anyone out there who have had failed thei...
  4. Took NCLEX Sept. 19,2008 and still no result.

    it must be harder waiting that way..hope,you'll receive your results soon..goodluck :)
  5. Needs Career Advice

    to silverdragon,alexk,and suzanne: thanx so much guys for your time and responses,i really appreciate it :) i got my greencard only 2 yrs ago,had my BSN in my country since 2001,so that explains why i wasn't educated here in the US.. yup,i'll check o...
  6. Needs Career Advice

    thanx to silver and traumaRUs:) yup,i do have my greencard and been living in CA..i'm just confused if what position i would be fit for if ever i apply in a nursing home for an instance..CNA? LVN? ( i'm not certified in either two ),i have BSN degr...
  7. Needs Career Advice

    hello everyone who might come accross this..i'm a foreign educated BSN graduate who just recently failed the NCLEX-RN for the first time..while i'm still waiting for a retake,i'm planning to work part-time..could it be possible for me to work still o...
  8. Nclex Result July10th 2008

    CONGRATS shalom!
  9. Took NCLEX Sept. 19,2008 and still no result.

    sweetjelly: i took my nclex-rn sept. 19 too..got the results via snail mail last Oct 7..i was so crushed to know that i failed the first time:cry: (did 265Q's and had self review)..thanx to my loving husband,adorable baby, and very supportive parents...
  10. Failed RN Nclex

    so,it's finally official..i failed too for the 1st time..we are on the same boat charleneortega..you'll be on my prayers as we try to overcome and pass nclex-rn for the 2nd time..we can do it :)
  11. ur'e such a kind-hearted person..may God return to you more blessings in many folds :)
  12. Please Read My Strange Journey Through NCLEX!

    wow! congratulations..u deserve it after too much suffering..you've inspired me a lot :)
  13. 265 q's in NCLEX..

    to: tiak41 i've got thesame concern with sweetjelly..we both took the exam last sept. 19 but got no news til now..can you please give us the website of CA DOH?? i tried searching yet couldn't find it..
  14. Wait time for results in CA

    to richo: i already had my ss# when i applied for nclex so i may access CA BRN's web..unfortunately i've no idea if i passed or failed since my name doesn't appear til now....anyway,i'm still hoping for the best and as they say,never assume til you g...
  15. Wait time for results in CA

    took my nclex-rn last sept. 19 but no news til now..am expecting to receive the results by mail anytime soon..i've got ss# and yet still got no info from CA BRN's web ( been checking it everyday!)..anyway,i'm hoping for positive results since i learn...