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Hi EVERYONE! I passed my NLCEX-PN for the 1st time using Suzanne's plan. For those of you who is studying for the NLCEX I highly suggest using her plan. It's extremely helpful. But you have to... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Everything regarding her plan can be found here 2008 version Suzanne's plan
  2. by   momelly05
    I just failed my first try on July 2nd. I live in missouri, and will be reapplying this week. i was wondering if i could start suzanne's plan (finish step 1, then PM her) even if I don't have my next test date yet. I know it will be later than 45 days so I have time, but she says you must put test date in subject line. Thanks for your help!
  3. by   nosebleed23
    have you find out wat suzzane plan is? does it involve payment? thanx
  4. by   nosebleed23
    ahh.... hi! how can i make a pm to suzzane... iam not a premium user and i dont have the money to upgrdae my registration... so how can i get her plan? does it involve money? thanx...
  5. by   Hands and Heart
    Read this thread:

    Simply click on her user name and scoll down to send her a private message. Make sure you follow the directions in her post for contacting her to use the plan. I'm not sure, but I don't think there is a charge. Seems like a wonderful nurse doing what she can to get more nurses past the dreaded NCLEX. I'll probably be trying her plan when I get to testing in a couple of months. Good luck.
  6. by   suzanne4
    At the top of this forum, the NCLEX Forum; there is a thread that is called the 07/08 Revised First Tip of my program. All instructions are there for the first tip.

    Please be aware that you now have to have 15 posts before you will be given access to the pm function that we have here. That does not cost money, nor does my program other than purchasing the book.
  7. by   cesarrodri
    Hi all ,

    I am really stunned by Suzzane's Plan. I can barely wait to start on as I get my degree and I will pray for her to continue here on this blesses forum.

    Suzzane Rocks !
  8. by   cesarrodri
    I meant Blessed Forum ..
  9. by   jm0327
  10. by   jm0327
    good luck to everyone!
  11. by   jadu1106
    hi! congratulations to you!
  12. by   bsavannah2
    Congratulations on your achievement!! I too hope to pass using Suzanne's plan.
  13. by   nosebleed23
    thanks very much. i wish i could have known this website and suzzane and silverdragon before i applied for CA nclex exam. best of luck to both of them... maybe someday i could meet them... hehehehehe..... thanks very much...
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