I passed in 75!!! Yipeeee

  1. yay!!! i passed the nursing boards so now im licensed to work in ny..what an experience!!! i took the exam last sept 20 and it shut off at 75, i was actually relieved it shut off early, i guess i would be going crazy if it went on and on as i was already feeling butterflies in my stomach when i reached 73, got worse when i was trying to answer question 75..and then suddenly blue screen!!! oh my...
    [color=#483d8b]i would like to say that the exam is really doable..i got serious reviewing 2 weeks before the exam. a month before that i did read saunders but it got so boring i didnt finish it..so i just used it for reference from then on. so i started answering kaplan, found my weakness...kaplan is great to hone our critical thinking skills and it is most like the real nclex exam. then a day before the exam, a classmate lent me her feuer reviewer and read thru some practice questions, was a great review as well...so like the nclex questions.. i would say it was kaplan and feuer that helped me think like nclex..
    [color=#483d8b]and to this great site, i would like to thank cos it helped me know nclex, and knowing the enemy is one way of winning the battle!!
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  3. by   superkyx
    congratulations...GREAT work...
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    Congratulations to you!
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    :Melody: Congratulations on your success!!!
  9. by   bebe13
    congratulations!!! by God's grace, i'll also do well in my NCLEX!
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    congratulations new RN!!!
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    Wow Congratulations!!!!
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    wow......lucky you!!!!!!!!how i wish i could also make it dis tym.

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    Congratulations for a job well done