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  1. What did you get on the Question Trainers??

    Here's my KAPLAN SCORES: QT 1 - 64 QT 2 - 54 QT 3 - 64 QT 4 - 57 QT 5 - 58 QT 6 - 67 QT 7 - 62 Question Bank Average - 56 Readiness Test - 61 DIagnostic Test - 54 PASSED ON MY FIRST TRY WITH 123 QUESTIONS...! I did not read the Kaplan course book.. i...
  2. Awaiting NCLEX Result...

    Thank You Charles...! Just Hang on there...Remember its 3-10 business days..I hope you passed too...
  3. Passed with 123 questions

    Thank You All....My success is also Yours....!
  4. Passed with 123 questions

    I took the NCLEX - RN last thursday (8/14) and found out today (8/19) from the CA BRN website. My name is posted there with my license number.. the issue date of my license number is 8/18/2008....
  5. With Faith and Prayer

    Congrats... i too passed the NCLEX-RN...let go and celebrate...!
  6. Passed with 123 questions

    I'm from CA, born in PHILIPPINES and also graduated there last april, took the local board last june and passed it with a rating of 80.4%. i came back here and took the NCLEX-RN (self review) and passed it again...
  7. Awaiting NCLEX Result...

    Congrats... i too passed..! lets go
  8. Awaiting NCLEX Result...

    Yay...! i passed NCLEX - RN . i also took mine on the 14th but i saw my name listed on the CA BRN website today... thank you all superkyx, RN, BSN, LVN
  9. Shut OFF at 123...!

    Thank you so much... the waiting is over..! i tested on the 14th in CA and got my result on the 18th. Thank you so much..!
  10. Passed with 123 questions

    I passed NCLEX - RN with 123 questions..! i am so happy... GOd is so GOD be the glory... (take 1).. I SWEAR i will never ever take that again... thank you all Here's my KAPLAN SCORES: QT 1 - 64 QT 2 - 54 QT 3 - 64 QT 4 - 57 QT 5 - 58 QT 6 -...
  11. Shut OFF at 123...!

    Yay i passed...! i just found out today that i passed.. I am now a RN, BSN... wheeeeew:chuckle
  12. Shut OFF at 123...!

    Hey susanbeach..! i checked the BRN website today but still no luck.. i am beginning to lose hope already.. i am so helpless right now..
  13. Awaiting NCLEX Result...

    hey charles, i also checked the BRN website today but still i do not see my name posted there... i am beginning to lose hope already..Its just hard to wait and not knowing whether you passed or not... God help us..!
  14. Results

    Sure will...thanks
  15. Awaiting NCLEX Result...

    Thank you Pink Scrubs for that wonderful information. My anxiety went down a little bit. Thanks again