I passed! How did i do it?

  1. Hi! I took my CA NCLEX RN last saturday 11/28 just found out that i passed! I had 201 questions a lot of which are priority, check all that apply and medications. I did my review with the matinreview.com and i can honestly say that she is superb! I'm not advertising her or anything, i'm just really gratefull to her that finally i'm an RN after after being a bum for so long. I took her review class and i passed. My mom took kaplan and failed the first time she was the one who urged me to take the review because she passed after taking her class. I passed the first time! If you are one of those who have taken the NCLEX 4,5 times already maybe the problem is not because you are inadequately equipt with nursing knowledge_far from it as i suppose you have read a lot of review books from different reviews_ but the strategy in answering the question, how to prioritize, how to attack every question and she can definately help you with this. She will drill and drill you on this things until you are able to immediately identify the right answers from a bunch of complex distractors.When i took my exam only about 10% of the questions were recall from the book and almost all of it needs critical thinking. But of course it wasn't all me.I did my part, i studied 4-8 hrs /day for 3 weeks.I answered around 1000 review questions and i prayed really hard!(nothing beats the power of prayers) When i find myself staring at an unfamiliar nsg procedure in front of me, or a question i really didn't know the answer i just pause for a while and utter a prayer in my mind.I know i did my part i was pretty confident God will do the rest for me.And this site is really helpful too.Thanks alot to all of you guys!!!
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    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! :hatparty: :angel2:
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    Great job and congrats!!! You need to celebrate :spin:
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    Congratulations for a job well done
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    how could i sign up for that same review that u used? I have taken the test twice, and i have already tried kaplan, a private tutor, and review books. I am willing to try anything that will bring me success!
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    Hey KD4, try using Suzanne4 study guide. It is in the beginning of this forum. It reads "First tip of my new study guide" by Suzanne4. I failed my NCLEX PN twice and that is what I am using right now. Good Luck!