I need all the Prayers

  1. Hi Everyone,
    It all comes down to tomorrow March 15th I will be taking Nclex I am so nervous. I am requesting all the prayers I can get. I was so confident till last night but since today I feel like I have no clue what to expect. I will keep you all posted and hopefully will give you good news over the weekend. Please pray for me and all who are taking their exam, Blessings.
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    think of all the dumb nurses you have met that have passed those tests

    God will be there for you
  4. by   RNismycalling
    Go in there and do the best that you can. You know the information, take your time and think through each question. Good luck!
  5. by   rn_888
  6. by   Anjum
    Thanks for all the support it really means a lot to me.
  7. by   Broomrider
    I'll cross my fingerss for you if you'll cross them for me in June!! Good luck tomorrow!!
  8. by   john83
    God bless!
  9. by   Anjum
    Thanks all for your love and support, for Broomrider I will not be the only one who will cross fingers I will make my son do that as well who will be celeberating his 5th birthday today. Anyway here I go I have to be there by 7:30 so I better leave now. I will keep you all posted.
  10. by   whirlwind
    [color=#a0522d]and happy 5th bday to your son!!
  11. by   chris2227
    You are in my prayers. You show nclex just what you are made of. Best of luck you can and will do it.