i have a question..

  1. hi! do u think learningext.com is also a good chose for review for the preparation for nclex rn? cuz im planning to get the 3 weeks review there..but i im still thinking if its really gonna help me..thanks
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Moved this one to the NCLEX forum, hoping you get some help. Good luck.
  4. by   eosaeni
    has anyone used the "Nursing made insanely easy?"? A friend of mine used it and says it helped a lot.
  5. by   Cntw82BanRN
    personally, I didn't use the NCSBN learning ext...I used the saunders CD all throughout my review (I passed by the way)..Although, I was thinking of subscribing to the 3-week review coz one of my friends who subscribed to it passed the board....Goodluck to you!
  6. by   eRyL
    i have saunders cd too-from the green bk.. maybe i just used 'em both... thanks..
  7. by   suzanne4
    You would be much better off concentrating on one, and doing all of the rationales that go along withe each and every answer.

    Saunder's does the best with the rationales, and in my opinion, this is the most important part of preparing for the exam.
  8. by   eRyL
    well thanks suzzanne i guess i really believed that saunders can be really a great help..as what also my sister told me..u know i actually read the whole green book(comprehensive review 4 rn) and did all the practice exercises there including the compre..for 1 month and i know ive learned a lot but im still thinking at times about what if i just practice more questions including in the cd than used my time in reading chapters for last month..would it be a greater help for me? cuz most of 'em said its better if i just review through questions and rationales...anyway, its ok..i still have 26 days to go..before my exam and now im doing the questions&answers..
  9. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Good luck, and welcome to AllNurses.com! :hatparty:
  10. by   eRyL
    thanks to you guyz!!im really glad to be a member here...i feel i have always somone who can help me...bout nursing stuff.. thanks again to everyone..
  11. by   apsu97
    I highly reccommend the Kaplan study course. I got all the books, but did not go to the live review. It also gives you a cd where you take several practice tests and it gives you a percentage of how you are doing in each area so you know where to concentrate the most on. I took the NCLEX 3 times, but I did not use Kaplan until before the third time and I truly think it helped me pass the boards. One of the books gives you many study tips on how to choose the right answers which helps you narrow down the wrong choices. Hope this helps
  12. by   jeepgyrl24

    I personally didn't use learning text, but heard from a co-worker that it was EXCELLENT!! She said it is just like the board questions were. In addition, I used NCLEX Questions and Answers made incredibly easy, which is what I feel helped me to pass by doing the entire book, cover to cover, with all rationales. Just a few words of advice. I hope I helped!!
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  13. by   eRyL
    hi i have 3 kaplan books also..-the course book, the basics and the nclex-rn exam passing guaranteed.i got a lot of coaches bout dealing with the questions..but i think im gona review it again...thanks..i know kaplan is really good also..actually i have a lot of review materials...the thing is im having a hard time to choose among them..som say its better to focus on just 1 to 2 books...or review materials...so like im planning to take also the 7 test in kaplan cd few days b4 my exam..thanks again..
  14. by   eRyL
    for jeepygyrl, your the 2nd person who told me some positive feedback bout the learningext.thanks! somhow that makes me feel good..im just enrolled right now...i just started today..ok i hope through all the materials that i have i can make it to my first nclex exam by the end of dec..thanks agen!
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