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  1. eosaeni

    New Grad RN/Military wife moving to Everett, WA

    Thank you so much. So just to clarify, is it 8 hour classes then 12 hour shifts simultaneously on days off? or after you complete the residency program?
  2. Hello everyone, so I need your help and advice. My husband is active duty and we are moving to Everett, WA from TX in Dec. I graduate the 21st Dec and will take NCLEX in Jan if the BON is done with the processing (don't know how long it takes). I've seen the posts on here about how hard it is for new grads to get jobs. My question is this: if I do a new grad residency program, will the hours be like regular shifts? 12 hours? or 8 hours? I ask because I will have a 5 year kindergarten kid and an infant with a deployed spouse so, with no 13 hour daycare or family support here, I need to have a plan. Please help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. eosaeni

    Failed for the 3rd time

    thank you so much. i LOVE YOUR ATTITUDE. I CANT WAIT to be AN RN
  4. eosaeni

    Failed for the 3rd time

    Yes i used the plan like a bible and i was scoring aabove 75% too so i dont get it
  5. eosaeni

    Failed for the 3rd time

    i just got the big envelope in the mail today so i have to take the damn test again. i tried Suzanne's plan for this one but i guess Nclex RN is not for me. I am honestly tired of taking it and i am wondering if i should just face Lvn instead. This is a spirit crusher and i am tired of somebody telling me i am not good enough. Anyway, congrats to all that made it but how you did it, i'll never know:o
  6. eosaeni

    13 days my name not in the net but i passed

    :balloons:congrats. Was it a big or small envelope. Just curious
  7. eosaeni

    prego and think i failed nclex again!!!HELP!

    hi there, i just took mine for the 3rd time on the 10th of August and i was 35wks + pregnant. i still haven't seen my name on BON Ca website so i guess it's too late for me to hope now. I had 75Q's with Meds, delegation but no select all that apply. I try not to worry about it right now because the baby is more important. Be strong cuz i think you have passed
  8. i took my test on the 10th and still no result. I got 75 questions with tons of med q's and prioritization. I did not get any select all that apply questions though. Does that mean i failed?
  9. eosaeni

    Still waiting for my CA NCLEX results!

    hi there, i took the test on the 10th and i am still waiting for the results to be posted online. Let's keep our fingers crossed
  10. eosaeni

    Just took Ncle3x for 3rd time

    thank you so much. I pray for you too. Let me know when you find out.
  11. eosaeni

    Failed again!!

    thanks guys for the encouragement and support. I studied for 2 months and i used the mosby CAT,saunders and kaplan CDs. I was so sure i passed this time but i guess i got worse since the test stopped at 75. It just makes you lose confidence in yourself.
  12. eosaeni

    Failed again!!

    hi there, this was my 2nd time taking the Nclex and i got 75 questions. I had checked the BON wesite everyday for 2 weeks and my name didnt show up so i guess that should have warned me. I tried Suzanne's study guide, Mosby's CAT and Lippincotts but i guess I am that dumb.I honestly thought i did better this time.Am i just not smart enough? I am numb:banghead: :crying2: right now, am done crying and feeliong like this is not healthy. I want to give up so bad. I am tired!!!
  13. eosaeni

    It stopped at 75 qurstions

    well, you know you have people here that will be praying about you. You will soon smile.:icon_hug:
  14. eosaeni

    is this tru?

    i heard that if you are a foreign trained nurse in the US and you take the Nclex, your name does not appear on the BON website (CA) until you have received the letter stating passed and you send back the $100 license fee. Has anyone heard of this or had this experience?
  15. eosaeni

    Finally i got the result and I passed

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What envelope did the result come in? Was it a big white one or small one?
  16. eosaeni

    Just took boards!!!!

    dont say that pls! God wants you tro pass and you will. Believe that all things work together for good. I know that is hard to take right now but soon when you are an Rn, you will have a huge smile on your face. YOur time will come. Stay focused and positive. I took mine on the 24th of March and got 75 questions. Still dont know my fate cos i moved so the letter is probably going to take a while to get to me. But i want to be positive cos this is my 2nd time. We will all smile soon :icon_hug: