1. Hi Everyone, I did the NCLEX RN exam today and when I the PVT it went to the CC page. I was crushed. I am so disappointed because I studied so hard.
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  3. by   mso819
    Sorry to hear this....best advice i can give is try to relax while u wait for your official exam results. Concentrate on what you were not successful on and study again. Do not let this set you back. You are smart amd you can and will do this again and be successful. Gud luck
  4. by   Hadassah16
    Thank You mso819.
  5. by   paradios2014
    Hey my friend, I am so sorry to hear that I know you have studied hard..I have been in your shoes twice..I know how you feel..based on my experience I would tell you to give yourself a mini break (esp mental break) and recollect and try to find a way to make come back strong..Trust me I know!..I have done everything there is out there..what did you do differently last time? how did you study?
  6. by   mso819
    Quote from Hadassah16
    Thank You mso819.
    U r most welcome.....hey this is not the end of the world...although it feels lik it. But im confident u will excel!!
  7. by   AngelAsherah
    Been following some thread of yours so I know how hard you prepared for this. Wait for the official result. Pray and don't lose faith.
  8. by   MissyNik
    It is greatly evident that you put all of your effort into this but know that this isn't the end of the road. Take a break so that you can exhale and regroup, then come back to it and review your results. Look at this as an opportunity to fine tune what you already know and don't worry or stress yourself out, it is what it is and you can and will be successful!
  9. by   YesImVictorious
    Quote from Hadassah16
    Hi Everyone, I did the NCLEX RN exam today and when I the PVT it went to the CC page. I was crushed. I am so disappointed because I studied so hard.
    Im praying for you sis! But its not over until God says its over.... I know this may seem like a set back but all things work together for the good of those who believe.
  10. by   Lillian11
    I am SO sorry.
    DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!!!
    It's just a TEST. One that has A LOT of pressure and built up emotion around.
    You can take it again and again and again.
    You passed nursing school, you WILL pass this test!!!!!
    Give yourself a break... take some time for you.... believe in yourself, and that a test doesn't define you.... and it takes more than failing a test to bring you down!!
    I failed in January.... I was heartbroken.... then I studied harder.... you can do it!!!
  11. by   rosary710
    Sorry to hear that. I took NCLEX RN today and I felt I did well because it stopped at 78 questions and took me 3,5 hours. Only 1 math question, 2 ECG, 1 medication but a tons of management and delegation and psychiatric. I was in tears and couldn't dry to work from the chapel when it brought me to Cc page. I'm so frustrated and this is my 3rd time. It keeps me going on because I prayed whatever happens, God knows what is the best for me. I quit my job for 3 months and studied Nclex every single day and still failed. We can do it next time! Don't let Nclex defeats us! That's what I said to myself.
  12. by   rosary710
    I mean drive to work, sorry for typing mistake
  13. by   Hadassah16
    Thank You everyone. Congratulations to everyone who passed.