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Well, i want to give you guys some backround before i go further. I haven't been on this forum for such a long time and i am so glad to come back and let everyone know that i finally passed the... Read More

  1. by   MomenTs
    Wow! you must be so happy right now. Thanku so much for sending all good vibes & sharing ur positive attitude.
  2. by   DolphinRN84
    I am so proud of you You truly are an inspiration. You are going to make a great nurse! Keep up the hard work!!! And congratulations!
  3. by   luv2shop19mall
    oh .. i like your qoute that you didnt give up. i didnt give up either and thats what makes me proud cuz quitting will make you loose a great opprtunity.. we post the same thing.. hahahhaha.. take care thanks so much for your support..
  4. by   rafRN
    wow!!!!!.....ur post really inspired me.It'll be my third time to take the NCLEX this feb and hope i cud also make it this time.

    CONGRATULATIONS.... U deserve it...
  5. by   ladymayfair118
  6. by   boeyjen
    congrats ! happy new year to all

  7. by   Jhen
    COngratulations! I failed my NCLEX as well on my first attempt. And is now trying to review and file again. If its okay I would like to ask, it is mentioned that I may retake the exam in 45 days. Is it within or after 45 days of receipt of the official result. I almost loose my self-esteem and thought that I was a failure. I've already planned for the things I want to accomplish like applying for a job here in the Philippines where I was licensed. BUt my mom keep on insisting to take the NCLEX again. When I first had the result, I loose all the energy I used to have. But upon reading your post here, it sure did give me the idea that I'm on the right track. That my american dream to be a US RN, is what I must focus though I really am bothered if its okay not to have experience yet in a local hospital and continue to review and take the NCLEX. I hope to hear your advise too and from others as well. Coz I still don't know how to break the news to my father, since He really is bothered and much affected due to the financial thing that really cost him. THANK YOU AND CONGRATS AGAIN!!!
  8. by   Leilah75_RN
    congratulations and mabuhay!!!
  9. by   gRacie_307
    what an inspiring tale! congratulations, male filipino nurse!! new r.n.!!! :smiley_aa
  10. by   Jhen
    ey.. it really is a bad feeling.. but if you'll read to some forums some pass it the fourth time so don't give up in taking it, I'll take it again too They say try Saunders Comprehensive review for NCLEX-RN, third edition, and they say the study guide of Suzanne has a high passing rate
  11. by   Male Filipino Nurse
    On the 4th time i took the test i changed the way i studied. I totally cut back from going out with the friends and ended up studying in a library or a book store like Borders or Barnes and Nobles. When i would go there i'd read some of their NCLEX books in their Nursing section to further reinforce what i was studying at the time. My advice to everyone is to concentrate and don't get distracted with unnecessary things. Also, you have to have a set schedule when studying. Just pretend that you're going to school because when you go to school there's always a specific time you wake up, get ready then leaving to school. just pretend! Also, make sure you get down how to prioritize. As all of you NCLEX takers know the majority of the test involves prioritization. Also, memorize your labs like potassium, sodium, BUN, Cr etc. Another thing too is that it's imperative for you to get the last question correct on the nclex assuming you've gone all the way to 205. That 205th question can make you or break you. Rmember, the nclex is a Computer Adaptive Test. An imaginary line is being given to you when answering questions. As you answer questions correctly you'll be above the line which means passing and obviously when you don't answer questions correctly or if you guess you'll be below that imaginary line. You will pass the nclex if you get 50% of what the computer considers "difficult" questions. So as you answer more questions correctly, the more difficult the next questions will be. questions.

    I'm extremely happy to know that i've helped you guys at continuing to take the NCLEX. Remember, NEVER QUIT!

    *Failure is not passing a test rather Failure is not taking the test again.
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