I can't believe it..

  1. Last October I took NCLEX-PN, had 85 questions, and passed. I took NCLEX-RN in August of this year, had 75 questions, and failed. I have been reading postings from this forum ever since. (along with hard core studying and praying) I took RN boards for the 2nd time on 11/27/06 and had 75 questions AGAIN!!! I couldn't believe I didn't get more questions. I just knew I failed again. I mean, I had 75 the first time and didn't pass. How could I have passed this time with only 75?? I found out this morning that I passed. I am so happy!!! Although I went to nursing school, and did the endless review tests, God played a major role in this. Prayer works.
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    Congratulations Nurse!
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    Congratulations new RN!!!!
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    Woo hoo!! Congratulations!

    Keep praying, for me...I received my ATT today and I am now scheduled to take NCLEX-RN on Friday, Dec. 8.
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    Congratulations new nurse!
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    Good for you, congrats:hatparty:
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    Congratulations!! God is Good all the time and all the time God is Good!
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    Amen to that!! Thank you guys for all the congrats