I am taking my NCLEX TOMORROW - page 2

Tomorrow is my exam please pray for me and also i will let you all know how the exam is. please pray for me thank you.... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    :angel2: :angel2: congratulations!!!
  2. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Way to go! Congrats & good luck to you!!!

    Quote from charlescisco
    thank you everybody for your support and also Suzanne for the emails and articles i almost lost hope that i got 200 questions but i am a testimony that the number of question means nothing. this forum was encouraging. i am so happy and right now i want to give God the glory for begining a good thing in my life and i know he will complete it.
  3. by   Mommy2Maddy

    we all knew you could do it! welcome to the world of being a wish i was joining you, but i will soon!
  4. by   Teachchildren123
    Eat a high calories breakfast. Take a shower or bubble bath first. Get pretty or handsome and be confident!
    Take a deep breath! Always, "assess your pt first" and remember ABC.
    You will do great! :hatparty:
    Let us know what worked for you!
    I already prayed for you and will again!
  5. by   shyone2005
    congratulations to you!!! wooohooo...we both took our exam same date and we both passed.. woohooo...
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  7. by   mitchsmom
    Woohoo! congrats!