Hurst or Kaplan?

  1. Which review would you attend if either were available and why?
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  3. by   TraumaICURN
    Quote from cinja
    Which review would you attend if either were available and why?
    I took the Hurst review, but honestly, I don't think it helped me to answer 1 question on the NCLEX. I bought a Kaplan review book which was great. It actually taught you how to answer certain qustions with rationales(Priority, delegation). IMO, the Hurst review was just that, a review of nursing content, but not a review on NCLEX test taking strategies.

    If your place of employment pays for the Hurst review, I would take it. What do you have to lose? But if you're spending your own money, I would say Kaplan would be better.
  4. by   cinja
    Our accelerated group graduates the third of August and as you know not many programs graduate in late summer. Kaplan is the only one willing to create a program for us. Were still waiting for Hurst to weigh in as what they can do for us.
  5. by   RNismycalling
    I know nothing about Hurst, but I took Kaplan, i would recommend it. It is strictly about strategies on how to tackle these nclex questions. Their course helped me improve my skills with answering high level questions such as priorities questions, delegations/management of care questions. A friend of mine who took Hurst said it is review of contents, while Kaplan is teaching strategies on how to answer questions. Also I don't know if there is any correlation, but most people that I talk to who took Kaplan, including myself passed on the first try (usually with the minimum of 75 questions.) Good luck!!!!
  6. by   tabymac
    I agree...we had hurst and kaplan come to our school and put together a package/mini-seminar on what they offer. Hurst sounded very nice, but it seemed more like a review of nursing content - the last thing I wanted after having JUST finished school.
    The few students that took it said they still had to get supplemental questions (like from Saunders, nclex3500, learning EXT etc) to help them "get it"

    I would recommend kaplan only because they give you strategies to critically think and tons of the higher level analysis/application questions that you will see on the NCLEX. With their online component you can see what your weaknesses are, retest those areas, see rationales, read content or watch videos where they discuss each content area if you know which area you need to brush up on (like me and OB/Peds).

    And if all else fails they have a money back gurantee if you fail!
    (I should be getting paid for this free endorsement) :spin:
  7. by   tiffany83301
    I too have the oppourtunity to attend a live Hurst review, and I am still debating whether or not seems like alot of money. I don't know if my employer will pay for it, it sounds like I should check that out.
  8. by   luv2shopp85
    If you don't have the money to pay for the complete Kaplan review course, ($500 is a lot!), would it be just as good to buy the Kaplan book? Is there a lot of material that is covered in class, in the book as well?

    I was thinking about buying the book and the question bank from Kaplan.
  9. by   tabymac
    The first day of the kaplan course is a readiness test, then the second day you get your results and they teach you the "strategies" for critical thinking/test taking - every class after that is just going over the answers to all the questions to the test you took and why you got them wrong....

    Honestly, I don't think that the class helped as much as actually practicing the questions over and over again (Qbank - you instantly get rationales - so you ARE learning as you answer questions if you use the tutor mode)

    Now, if you don't need to work on your nursing content (which if your about to graduate you probably don't but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to review Peds/OB) then buying the book won't help much's basically nursing school summed up in a book (it's a WHOLE LOT).

    Have you researched NCSBN's NCLEX review (the actual people who write the NCLEX)? That helped me a bunch as well, they give you content review and TONS of questions for a fraction of the cost of Kaplan or Hurst. Quite a few people from my school used only this to prepare and have passed.
    Here's the website:
  10. by   luv2shopp85
    Thanks for your help tabymac! I actually do need somewhat of a content review. I am having trouble remembering the stuff I learned during the first year of school. Mainly endocrine, renal failure, and pharmacology.
  11. by   classicdame
    Each company ought to be able to give you statistics on the number of people who took their course and passed NCLEX the first try.
  12. by   Tiffanybaybay
    I took another class (ERI- EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES INC) with kaplan questions that a friend had bought (the q bank) and some pharm cards and FAILED. In 75 questions too! I was mortified.

    I used the hurst method and passed literally 2 days after taking the class (which they don't recommend, they say you should study for a week first). They were totally prepared and funny and made the week of intense studying bearable. Not to mention they gave lots of clues on how to stop answering questions like a moron. LOL. I recommend HURST all the way!
  13. by   sws4psu
    I don't know if I believe those passing rates anyways. I mean its probably based on a small sample size and is contingent on students responding to surveys or telling these companies their scores. I chose Kaplan because of the guarantee. The way I figured it that was the only program where 100% of people passed, otherwise I get my money back. just my two cents.
  14. by   caliotter3
    It really doesn't matter what review a person uses, they still have to make the effort to get prepared. Any review is good if the person works hard and learns the material.