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  1. cinja

    help i am trying to find an er job!

    Tracey.....If you're a rock star and a great team player and enjoy working with male RN's then apply for the ER at University Miss Medical Center in Jackson, MS.....it's a level 1 trauma center. University of Mississippi Medical Center
  2. cinja

    Payscale for San Diego area

    I didn't think it would be enough, considering I'm currently a weekender making well over that and live in the Memphis area, which has a substantially lower cost of living. Thanks for your reply and yes, I did perform a search before I posted.
  3. cinja

    Payscale for San Diego area

    I'm an ER nurse with 2 years experience and trying to find the pay scales for RN's w/ BSN's in the SD area. I'm trying to see if the move to SD to be with the GF is worth it or does she need to move to the Memphis area.
  4. cinja

    Getting Hired at UAMS

    Does anyone know what one has to do to get an interview there. I have the right kind of experience and all of the certifications, just wondering if there is a freeze on or what?