How to review?

  1. lippincott vs. saunders?
    which is the best review?
    appreciate any input/advice.
    thank you
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  3. by   otan11
    recommend saunders...3rd edition...
  4. by   praeclarus
    Definitely Saunders and Kaplan too, if you have the CD.

    The questions in the Kaplan CD were just like the questions in the real exam. Both extremely needs critical thinking and I think Kaplan can prepare you for that. Saunders, however, is really good in terms of comprehensive review. IT really IS comprehensive, if you know what I mean.

    These are just my opinions. Good luck on your exams and God bless!! :angel2:
  5. by   Narine
    I would recommend saunders CD
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  6. by   hlfpnt
    Saunders & Suzanne's study plan
  7. by   chocolate123
    I will be taking the NCLEX in April '07. Currently I am reading Saunders and will be taking Kaplan review in April. After reading all the advise given on this website I believe this is the best way to go.
  8. by   otan11
    kaplan is best in critical thinking i love kaplan qbank too and saunders...follow suzanne tips...
  9. by   onduty23
    kaplan for hard questions

    with saunders for content

    kaplan with 1000 question fails to cover many content areas
  10. by   Narine
    Anybody took Kaplan $355 or so for 5 days( I quess money back if not pass) it worth it ?
  11. by   Sheri257
    To me Kaplan was totally worth the cost. The exam wasn't anything like Saunders but it was very much like Kaplan. I saw content on the exam that I only got from Kaplan, not Saunders.

    Quite frankly, if I had to do it all over again, I would have just used Kaplan. I didn't find Saunders all that helpful for the really tough questions.

    Everybody I know who's taken the Kaplan course passed.

  12. by   Aquarian
    Saunders for Comprehensive review. Kaplan for critical thinking questions. Lippincott's for alternative-type questions. If one is running out of time, Saunders Compre review is the best because if you know the basics, even if the questions are as hard as kaplan's or the ncsbn's at that, or as easy as the Saunders Q & A, you will definitely know the answer. But, if one will just rely on practicing answering critically without completing the basics, you will definitely lose the question, sometimes without even being aware of what happened. That's the sadder part. So, my conclusion, Saunders Comprehensive Review is the best help! I'll keep you posted if I'll pass the NCLEX with this. The best for your exam!
  13. by   Aquarian
    Actually, Kaplan rationales can be found in Saunders Compre book explained in more details. What I did with the 5-pounder Saunders Compre book (yes, I weighed it!) was to tear it apart and re-grouped it according to body systems with the corresponding medications chapters behind, stapled together. It was very convenient to bring whatever chapter I'm in anywhere. :spin: Btw, I thank Suzanne for introducing me to this amazing book.:icon_hug:
  14. by   chocolate123
    to all kaplan students:

    did you take kaplan in a class setting or online? if you took it online, what are the videos like? is there an instructor reviewing how to answer the questions or is the instructor reviewing material (example: cardio, resp.& etc.). i'm debating about taking a class or doing it online. it will be better for me to do it online.