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praeclarus specializes in Med-Surg.

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  1. hi everyone! it's been awhile since i posted on this site and i've missed everyone.:hug: just an inquiry, i actually don't know where to post this so the staff can redirect my question to the appropriate forum if they need to. i'm currently working in il under ead/work permit for the past 4 years, pending i-485, so i don't have any resident visa at this time. the ead does not allow reentry if one intends to leave the us for a vacation. i was able to reenter the us in 2009 after a month vacation because i applied for a parole visa. at that time, i still have a tourist visa, valid until 2011...i don't know if that counts though. i'm wondering if i can go for another vacation outside the country this year (still on ead, pending i-485 and parole visa). i guess i just need a little confirmation that i would be able to go. i am scared that they won't allow me reentry and have me deported or something (sounds exaggerated but you never know.):uhoh21: thank you for anyone that can answer.
  2. praeclarus

    To all foriegn Nurses.Waiting for retro. to be lift up.

    AMEN! God bless all of us....:)
  3. that would be examination (cts) $79...
  4. praeclarus

    RE: RN pay in the philippines

    Really?! That amount cannot even suffice the fare alone.
  5. praeclarus

    RE: RN pay in the philippines

    Well...that makes two of us. haha.. I'm also from Bacolod and I used to work at CLMMRH. BOLMSH...Some say they're good training ground, BAMC as well. I think you need to pay a certain amount for the training though. :chuckle I think this is off topic already. :chuckle
  6. praeclarus

    CGFNS reviewees....

    Hi! I emailed CGFNS about your problem and this was their reply: "Please be advised that if the applicant is rostered for the exam, he is no longer able to request that his money be transferred to another program. He would need to submit the payment for the other service he is requesting." Sorry for the bad news..
  7. praeclarus

    Help Asap!!!

    Oh no! Now, you're getting me worried. I guess I'll just have to pm you when they lose mine, which I hope will never happen.
  8. praeclarus

    Help Asap!!!

    yes! yes! well said...
  9. Hi dcraneses! You only need to pay $79 to CTS for the application. $200 will be the fee when you register for the NCLEX. I hope that clears the confusion. Don't go wasting your $200. LOL
  10. praeclarus

    RE: RN pay in the philippines

    Hi John83! :smilecoffeecup: Where are you working in Bacolod? I know CLMMRH wage was about Php 10,000/month. I was wondering if it increased, because the administration, or the government rather, was planning to increase it to Php 15,000 this year.
  11. praeclarus

    Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    Hi Kanebo! I can't help noticing your post. Though it was aimed for Suzanne, I'll also answer your question. I hope that will be okay. Anyway, I myself was confused whether I should mail another set of the same documents for my VisaScreen. I applied for CES a year earlier. I emailed CGFNS about it and they told me that I don't need to submit it again. There were 3 documents that I passed for CES that's also required for the VisaScreen service; the documentation of my secondary school, academic records from my professional school, and my license validation from the Phil. I didn't pass any of those again. My VisaScreen Initial Certificate was mailed to me 2 weeks after.
  12. praeclarus

    RE: RN pay in the philippines

    Hi Ben! Yes, that is true. It's either less than that or a little over 600, depends on where you're located. :)
  13. praeclarus

    Poll for those who have already taken NCLEX..

    1. 75...thank GOD! :w00t: 2. I studied Saunders Comprehensive Review and Kaplan's Question Trainer. 3. Sad to say, we didn't. But we did need to take the NLE for local licensure. 4. Exactly 48 hours 5. It was the one of the most agonizing 48 hours of my life. I knew then and there that I failed. I just prayed as hard as I could. With God's grace, I did pass. 6. Yes and I'm sure that will be my last. :wink2:
  14. I definitely agree with you. They probably think that they are doing it for the greater good but they're actually not. They're just giving false hopes for other examinees who are easily swayed. Tsk...Tsk..Tsk.. A very bad move.
  15. praeclarus

    Help Asap!!!

    yes indeed!! $278 there goes the php 15,000...i didn't know myself. i just emailed them about it, because my aunt didn't apply for the ces anymore. she just used her cgfns certificate. i asked you about it in your previous posts, when dcraneses was inquiring about il licensure, but you didn't reply. anyway, you already paid for the ces, so, even if i did tell you, there wasn't much use anymore. i also wasted money with my licensure endorsement which i could have avoided. :uhoh21: hmmm..no use dwelling on that though. :wink2: lesson learned for both of us.
  16. praeclarus

    Did anyone else walk out of NCLEX thinking

    You are soo right! That's exactly what I felt. :uhoh21: Come to think of it, we probably think it's difficult because almost every question requires us to think critically, putting our already stressed out brains to more intense work, making the exam harder than it is.

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