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Hi, everyone, I am new here Just took my RN exam yesterday, and... feel so bad. Cannot help it to think I failed it... :crying2: This is my second time to take it. The last time I took it was... Read More

  1. by   sweet_nurse
    thanks guys!!! :kiss this forums helps me a lot especially the encouragement and support that u gave us..

    To gneb2x:

    im still here in the philippines. i dont know why my result takes for only 2 weeks. most of my friends received their results after 1 month. i had a friend who took her exam in december 28 same as me CALI BOn but she's waiting until now. im wondering why i got my result first coz i took it january 3.
  2. by   sweet_nurse
    Hi elenova:

    what exact date did u took your exam? just wait for it im sure u will receive it by nxt week. i know the most anxious part after the exam is waiting for the result. u can check ur result in their website if u do have a SSN. cali bon post the results 2-3 days after u took it but as i have told u..u must have a SSN..good luck to u and i know u will passed too!!! thanks again!! God Bless!
  3. by   gneb2x
    Thanks sweet_nurse. My friends and I also took the NCLEX-RN CALI last December 28, up to now we're still waiting for the results. The waiting is killing me. Hope we pass too. :spin:
  4. by   jayann
    hello sweet nurse,

    well done..thank goodness, at least the waiting period for you is over. Hopefully genb2x we will pass, too. let's just pray.
  5. by   sweet_nurse
    gneb2x and jayann i know u will pass and i feel it :wink2: ..we had the same feeling before after taking the exam and i know how u feel (therapeutic communication) LOLZ..and im sure u both did too think that i flunked but thank God i passed..just keep us posted guys..congrats to both of u in advance!!! :hatparty: :smiley_aa
  6. by   lawrence01
    Snail mail results from CA BRN going to Philippines takes 3-4 weeks.
  7. by   jayann
    Hello. That gives me 2 more weeks of agony. I am all tense up and couldn't sleep. Hoping that I was able to make it like everyone else here. Nothing to cheer me up for now.
  8. by   codebrown
  9. by   spirit11
    Hi everyone!

    I just got home....Today was NCLEX day. I was so anxious! My test stopped at 75 however I think I failed because my questions were not that hard. I just was not sure of the answers. I got a lot of check all that apply. The topics were easy but I was not sure If one or two items applied!!! I had a million med questions!!!!!!!! WELL It sure felt like I did. Meds that I NEVER Studied in school!!!!!I started with a math Question that I am sure I got wrong!!!!

    I guess I will just wait now.....

    Good luck to all!
  10. by   StarZane
    Took the test today and it shut off at 75 questions! I'm so nervous! Now starts the waiting game! I'm sure the NCLEX has taken some years off of my life from stress!!!!
  11. by   Cherybaby
    Hey all. I am so scared to death. Taking the NCLEX on Tuesday. Like Mino, who was at the start of this thread, I am eight years out of school and started prepping for it about eight weeks ago. I am so frightened. I HAVE to pass this exam. I just feel like I can't possibly read anymore. I feel so overloaded, overwhelmed and overworked. Everything...and I mean, EVERYTHING is making me cry lately. For G#ds sake, I cried at the movie "Dodgeball" the other night. I am so tense. I can see that no ones test is the same. But, I feel if the test goes one question over 75, I might break down into hysterics right then and there.

    It has brought me a lot of comfort to see how many of you have been passing though!

    Please, pray for me on Tuesday. This is the most important thing I have ever done with my life, except for my children...and labor was a breeze compared to this!

  12. by   gneb2x
    Yipeee!!! I received the letter from CABON. I passed at 75 questions. My friends who took the exam with me also passed.. :hatparty:

    Like to express my gratitude to suzanne4 for sharing with me her study guide. Thank you very much. :kiss
  13. by   youknowho
    Passed on the first attempt with 75. Just found out.