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I took the NCLEX yesterday morning and I was done in an hour and only got 75 questions. When it shut off, my heart sank and I felt sick. I had no dosage cal. questions(which I'm good at), lots of... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Quote from cindib
    i passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks to god!!!!!!!!!
    ms. rn.
  2. by   foxxybrown
    I am confused, if I took the test yesterday June 1st does that mean that the quick results will up early as Sunday not Monday
  3. by   Jessy_RN
    Congrats Cindib!!
  4. by   gradRN2007
    congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i had the same feeling and did 75 questions but i had the calculation and all the prioritizing and all the new format questions
    the 18 hr of waiting was the worst
    congrats again
    take a deep breath and go read a good book not related to nursing!
  5. by   ArizonaMark
    Congrats to you !!!!!
    I am from AZ and also tested today. Stopped at 75 which I can only imagine is a good sign.....
    I as well had a TON of priority as well as medication questions...
    I pray I passed as I doubt I could have studied harder nor done as well as I believe I did. That and I have a job waiting for an RN :spin: !
  6. by   jitteryj
    Quote from suzanne4
    If your state permits Quick Results with Pearson-Vue, your results will be up tomorrow. Computers do not sleep. 48 hours after testing and the results are on their website. After you pay the $7.95 fee. You do not need to wait until Wednesday.
    Thank you Suzanne for telling me this! I just checked today and it says I passed! As soon as I stopped running around the room screaming, I had to sit down and write this message to tell you thank you! You saved me from an additional two nights of sleeplessness and worrying.
  7. by   WolfpackRed
    Tested today, got 75 questions with similiar mix to the previous posters (no math, lots of prioritization). Finished test ~0945 and still feel sick.

    But the admin told me that she would not see me again, so that's a good sign right? (j/k)
  8. by   SanskeetRN
    Me too! Took it this morning and got 75 questions, TONS of pharmacology (not my strong suit) and the rest basically priority questions.

    I tell everyone that the only thing from keeping me from COMPLETELY freaking out (right now I'm only partially freaking out) is that the computer shut off at 75...if I would have had 90+ I would be in pure panic because as it is right now, I feel like I failed even though I know with 75 questions, the odds are in my favor.
  9. by   latrinidad
    Re: How many got 75?

    Sanskeet, how does one know the odds are in one's favor with 75? I'm from CA that's not a member of Quick Results so its killing me waiting for my "verdict" after doing a 75. Goodluck to all of us 75ers.
  10. by   lgjackson
    I took my NCLEX this morning and it cut off at 75 also. Wonder what % of people pass having only 75 questions?

    Lisa J.
  11. by   RNandlovingit
    Okay here is my horror story and please please please do not freak out!!!!
    When i took the test the first time I failed in 75 questions. Lesson learned..NEVER try to take a major test with a 101 degree fever. I walked out of there thinking I passed and life was grand.. I mean how could they fail me in 75 questions. One would think that they could at least give me some of the other 190 questions to get me up to the passing line. Retook the test 6 weeks later and passed 265 questions. I am intelligent made all A's in nursing school and I walked out of there bawling my head of thinking the NCLEX NAZI's had it out for me and that I flunked. More often then not if it shuts off at 75 you probably passed ..but this was a huge lesson for me The second time I think I just over analazyed every single question because of the fear and thats why I took the whole thing. I have heard that if you start getting a lot of proritization(sp) then you are on the right track. On the flip side..One of my really good friends failed the first time and took all 265. Second time she took it and passed in 75. I think you just never know! Remember that went to nursing school the stuff is there in your head, Remember your ABC's, and your nursing process. Study hard for a good week before. Dont study the night before, relax and have a glass of wine!( Not that I am promoting
  12. by   hawkswin
    I got 75 questions and just found out I passed!! YEA FOR ALL OF US!!!! RNS kick a$$! Let's all never forget how grateful and happy we feel right now so that we always provide compassionate, non-burned out care to people.
  13. by   victoriainvt
    I took it today and it stopped in 75. I feel totally ill. I swear I almost threw up in the car. I made all a's in school and had a 1052 on my HESI, so I can't figure out why it seemed soooooo hard.
    does anyone know if you really have to wait the 48hrs for the quick results??