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  1. cindib

    IV Push Med Dilution

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but I have trouble with this. Does anyone know a good site for recommended med diultion and infusion rate chart for commonly used meds in the NICU?
  2. cindib

    Any Fall 07 MGCCC - JD students?

    I graduated from JD in May 2007. It is a tough program to go through but it's worth it because it prepares you better. We had some people that couldn't get past level II so they dropped and started going to USM. So I think it's as good or even better than other nursing programs on the coast. You just have to be dedicated to it and study even when you don't want to. Also, get in a study group because they will make you study even when you don't want to. Good luck.
  3. cindib

    Funny Names

    How about this one. George W. Bush:uhoh3:
  4. I can't use Risk for Infection because it is too soon. It has to be while in PACU. She had an epidural and was in NO pain. Lower transverse abdominal incision with scant bleeding on the peripad, however, she did lose 650ml of blood during surgery. What would you guys pick as your #1 Dx? My instructor is very anal about these caremaps and I want it to be good. Thanks for looking. Cindi
  5. cindib

    Starting at MGCCC/JD in August....

    I'm going for the RN. Can't wait to start. A few more weeks to go.
  6. cindib

    Anyone here apply at MGCCC?

    For this coming fall?
  7. Are there things that I should know before I start? Any tips or advise? :)
  8. Hi, Maybe I can help you with your search. I am the nursing coordinator for MRIC/Maxwell. We supply travel nurses to facilities both large and small. We also find permanet positions for people. Call me at 1-800-657-5731 or e-mail at maxcare@ionet.net. I look forward to hearing from you.