How many December grads will be taking NCLEX soon?

  1. I graduated Dec 15, 2012 and I am just now taking the NCLEX-RN March 11. I postponed it for personal reasons. Everything was screwed up for me but things are slowly stabilizing. Most of my class (but 3 of us) have taken and passed the NCLEX-RN. I just wanted to know if anyone else out there that graduated in December is now taking the exam. I don't want to go in alone, lol. Just kind of comforting to know that there are others that will be doing it as well. Hope to hear from all who will be taking the NCLEX-RN, what are your thoughts and feelings......
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  3. by   shicurls
    I was a December grad and I took my test a few days ago, sorry ;-( but you will be fine! I sort of felt out the loop because my test was at the end of February while all my classmates were already nurses ! However that was just more like motivation for me to prepare harder and pass.
  4. by   swilds12
    Mine is the opposite. My class grad in dec and only 5 of us have taken boards.
  5. by   BouBou
    I graduated Dec 15 as well and will be testing on 3/22.
  6. by   ADN2B
    I graduated on 12/15 and tested on 02/14. I am an RN
  7. by   nalaa83
    I graduated in Dec 13 and I am taking my exam on Monday.
  8. by   MeganTyreeRN
    Graduated 12/16/12 and took and passed the NCLEX 1/28/13 (:
  9. by   californiaboy
    Quote from MeganTyreeRN
    Graduated 12/16/12 and took and passed the NCLEX 1/28/13 (:
    Wow so you pretty much prepared for it in just a month? Congrats!
  10. by   KatiepooRN
    I graduated 12/15/12 took Nclex-rn on 1/10/13. I was offered a job on 1/11/13 as an rn. I received my official passing results on 1/14/13... the same day I began working as a nurse!
    Honestly, I would have taken it sooner... but test centers were booked out the wazzoo.
    You've had plenty (!!!) Of time to prepare... you'll be fine! Good luck on nclex!
  11. by   MeganTyreeRN
    Quote from californiaboy

    Wow so you pretty much prepared for it in just a month? Congrats!
    Thank you!!! I can honestly say that I wasted more time studying specific details then I should have... U will leave NCLEX feeling like an idiot for the most part. It was more helpful to just do the practice questions... Not retain specific details... You all will do fine, NS really has prepared u...
  12. by   carisma1101
    Hi, I graduated on 12/19/12... I'm scheduled to take the NCLEX on 3/25/13. Looking back, I really regret having taken this long.... I hope that the extra time will work in my favor.
  13. by   St_Claire
    I graduated 12/14 and took the test 2/12. I'm an RN. :-)
  14. by   ArmyTwinRN
    Graduated 12/12/12...tested on 1/3/13 and passed!

    If you needed time off that's fine don't let it discourage you. Plenty of ppl take time off and come back and pass you can do it too! Good luck!