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Hi is their anyone out here that can answer this question. I took my NCLEX-PN yesterday and I instantly froze up. As the test progressed, I was getting more and more of drug questions. I mean I got... Read More

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    I posted a thread similar to this but i don't know where it is lol im new to the board.But my question is is it normal to get a lot of drugs on the NCLEX-PN I mean honestly I got about at least 20 in some form of the other.Hardly any thing dealing directly with patients 1 math,hardly any OB/PEDS,or psych.I mean I got a lot of drugs!!Alot because I hear of you get a similar question over and over again you're not doing well. I'm convinced I failed because after a while whenever I saw a drug questions I froze up,got angry,anxious and frustrated.Got a ton of SATA,few questions about Addison's of all disease conditions. Alot of "If a nurse went to a conference...." and risk factors for such and such cancer. I mean the test felt more like a survey than anything.But my thing was alot of of drug questions I kid you not this was a much larger percentage than I anticipated. I feel upset because I did really well in school, on Saunders and to think that I might've flunked because of drugs I never ever even heard of and expected to know side effects. I also got a lot of MRSA and VRE questions that didn't make sense because the answers were too simple or didn't make sense at least to me.But it was the amount of drug questions!!!God I am so angry and even reisgned to the fact that I failed because the next one can't be that bad.I mean I know unequivically that I flunked. Give me lab values any time over drugs!How can they determine a nurse competency based on the questions that I had? I was expecting more delegation and priortizing which I got some, and what to do if such and such occured. I'm probably the rare poster that was more ****** off(excuse my language) at the test than devastated.Any advice?

    Go to this thread, it will ease your anxiety. Anyhow, you are experiencing what everyone feels after taking the boards..anxiety! It will take you a couple of days to get out of "shock". Just remember that the hard part is over. Try and think positive, have fun, do things to keep you distracted. On another note, the NCLEX test for everyone is so different. I myself didn't have to many med questions, but a lot of my classmates did. I did have a lot of "If the nurse was teaching at a conference about xyz" I got a bunch of those question and on TB. This is the week I should be getting my results, and I am trying to be positive, so we will see.
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    Good luck
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    I just found out that I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!:bowingpur
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    I just found out that I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!:bowingpur
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    Like the others have said don't give up even if you don't pass. The nclex is not a predictable test. Good Luck.
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    The way that you explain that you're feeling is normal. I felt that way and I believe the majority of test takers would agree that they feel this way also. Do something that you have not done in a long time to get your mind off of the NCLEX. Try to relax, sleep in or go to lunch with a friend and before you know it time has passed and hopefully results are ready. Do you have Quick Results? I wish you the best of luck.:redpinkhe
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    Hi its me again!I just want u guys to know i passed NCLEX-PN and to Thank You for your support and optimism and insight. I just want others to not give up hope and know that u can do it!On a side note the waiting for results its like torture!I wonder do the Nursing Boards know how much anxiety and anguish this causes test-takers and I wonder will it change in the future without disrupting the integrity of the testing process.
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    I feel simialr as you Katgirl. I just took NCLEX RN yesterday & know that i missed "easy" or basic knowledge questions which has me very worried. I also had tons of pharmicology, SATA, & deligation. No OB, Peds or anything else I've been focusing on. I just graduated May 8 & feel that I took the exam too soon. Guess we'll find out in a day or two. ARe you able to check your results online through pearsons?
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    Take a deep breath & try to forget about it, mmims. Thinking about it now won't change anything. I tested yesterday also. I should be able to find out tomorrow or tuesday. Are you able to use the quick results also?