Has anyone stopped at 85 and failed?

  1. i took the nclex and stopped at 85.. i know its uncertain if i passed or not based on the amount of questions.. just curious to know how many out there passed and failed at 85?:spin:
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  3. by   EricJRN
    You can't tell whether you passed or failed the NCLEX based on the number of questions.

    We sympathize with you, but there is just no way for us to predict your result. Generally, the odds of passing are in the candidate's favor - and greatly in the candidate's favor if he/she is a US-educated, first-time tester - regardless of where the exam cuts off. Good luck! Let us know what happens.
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  4. by   augigi
    People have stopped at all numbers, and passed. People have stopped at all numbers and failed.

    Passing depends on the level of difficulty you are able to achieve, not the number of questions you do it in.

    Best of luck waiting for your results!
  5. by   DolphinRN84
    All the best with your results! Hopefully we see your "I passed" post soon.
  6. by   sunkissed_dez
    gracie!!! how u holding up? i guess u and i took the test at the same day... still waiting on my results... hope we passed!!!
  7. by   RNKay31
    Wishing you the very best with your results
  8. by   silentromie
    I failed at 85 the second time. You either do good or really bad. So I did really bad=(. But I have a fren who stopped at 85 and passed. So..... who knows. The number of questions doesn't help w/ knowing if you passed or not. Just pray that you did, hehe. Good luck to you!
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  9. by   g_race
    There's no guaranty of pass or fail whatever number you stopped... let's just pray for a good result... God bless!!!
  10. by   GracieLVN
    Quote from sunkissed_dez
    gracie!!! how u holding up? i guess u and i took the test at the same day... still waiting on my results... hope we passed!!!

    still anxiously waiting.. *sigh such agony!! at least i'm free from saunders! UGH!!! i can't look at another NCLEX questions agin! :Crash: hope you're doin okay! let me know your results!!! Hope we passed!!
  11. by   g_race
    Hi gracie... hihihi.. i was trying to trace when you took your NCLEX, i am on the height of my anxiety... :-) but really glad to find your post that finally, you passed... after agonizing days of waiting. Maybe i am just seeking somebody to comfort me... :-) again, i took mine last nov 29th in HK. i have SSN. but i don't have valid visa and im here in Phil... got that ssn years ago... :-) im nervous seeing results being posted like after 3 days in cali BON... have u seen your name posted already? thank you for your patience... Ms. new nurse!
  12. by   GracieLVN
    I received a letter in the mail but when I tried to verify my license online nothing came up. It actually took me about 2.5 weeks to get my results. Dont worry too much my friend! Things will work its way out in the end. I wish you the best! relax a little.. its Christmas time
  13. by   g_race
    i thought so... hehehe.. thanks for the encouragement... ughhhh this tension build up is wearing me off... hehehe... so you have your ssn... and still your name isn't posted online in BON... swishhhhhhh... tnx tnx tnx