Has anyone failed using Suzanne's plan?

  1. I was just curious if anyone has failed and used Suzanne's plan? It seems like there isn't anyone who failed .. from what I've read.
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  3. by   hlfpnt
    Dunno about anyone failing with it, but I used it & passed first time testing
  4. by   luv2shopp85
  5. by   miss_cy
    yeah very good question..btw, im still doing her plan (still answering the post test and should be maintaininng the 75% rate) but, wat if for d 2nd time(shud be getting 90%) ur stl below 90? does that mean i cant move on to the next chapter til i reach 90% above? pls help me..i want to be sure im doing the right thing about suzzanes plan..i noticed that my weakness is on pharmacology..help me pls..
  6. by   pdaddy
    I have been hearing a lot about Suzanne's plan, does anyone have a link to it?
  7. by   pagandeva2000
    Quote from pdaddy
    I have been hearing a lot about Suzanne's plan, does anyone have a link to it?

    I think she has a sticky here somewhere...
  8. by   abundantjoy07
    Yes, the sticky is at the top of the forum page.
    I'm about to PM her now.
  9. by   luv2shopp85
  10. by   mon930
    I'm pretty new to the forum and I would also like to get a link to Suzanne's plan. Where can I find her first tip. Thanks.
  11. by   peds4now
    I'm still working through the posttests, entering chapter 48 (!), but most I'm getting 86% the first time. I'm wondering, should she change the % to 80, since I think NCLEX has raised their standards?

    Anyways, I feel just doing the prep to IM her is good review. I review content that is seriously lacking, but not other content. (well, I do review all the rationales, regardless).
  12. by   suzanne4
    The only ones that have failed are those that made changes to it, it needs to be followed exactly as it is written.

    There is no reason to make any changes to my program, the change in the grading of the exam is only by a decimal point. It still works just fine and they are still passing with it.

    It is something that was worked out over a couple of years, not overnight and has been proven to work over and over again.

    I like it just as it is.:spin:
  13. by   narsingboy
    the test is made to study on your own and know your strengths and weaknesses... its basically self study but with an organized way of doing it.. so that you can be guided accordingly..

    its not a fail-proof way of studying... but is something worth trying.. cuz the success rate is high..

    basic point of the whole thing, study your thing.. know and understand it... if you dont get it, then get back at it.. til you get on to the next..
  14. by   SupaDrea
    I am willing to try Suzanne's plan after I finish the first tip.