Floating on air! ....YOU can do it too!

  1. I took the NCLEX-PN on Friday morning and just found out (from the quick results) that I PASSED!! I am sooo excited and relieved! !!!

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    This website was a great help to me during my studying, especially when I would get nervous or start to worry (which would distract me from studying!). Hearing the success stories of others always uplifted me, so I'm sharing my success with everyone else to say - YOU CAN DO IT!!

    I used and highly recommened Saunders (for content review) and Kaplan (to sharpen your strategy). I graduated in May and I'm the last of my class to take the exam, so I worried that I might not remember things as clearly - but reviewing helped me. I studied for about 3-4 weeks doing 100 questions per session, 2-4 days a week. I also took several comprehensive practice exams, which I got 63-65% on. It was hard for me to be strict about studying, but I reviewed as much as I could.

    What helped me the most was becoming comfortable with the style of questions asked (as opposed to knowing "enough" content) ... there were plenty of questions with content that I was not familliar with, and when that happened I used strategy to eliminate two of the answers and then apply what I know as a nurse to make an educated guess. I would also remind myself that I did not have to get every single question right to pass... I just gave it my best shot. Keeping CALM and focused during the test is really important, especially when you're sitting there for *hours* (I took about 3 hours, 145 questions - bring a snack, I got hungry!) ...

    Just like everyone else, I felt that I probly didn't pass - but now I'm so happy to be able to tell everyone that I passed, I've got my license! Now it's on to my first year of being an LPN - another challenge!

    Believe in yourself, put in some time studying, and you can do it!!
    Thanks everybody.

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    Congratulations!!! I'm floating right up there with you!
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    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story!!!
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    Congratulations, nurse!!!!!

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    Good job! Your hard work paid off!
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    Congratulations thank you for sharing your experience~!!!!
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    Congratulations! Great job!
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    Hey, Nurse!! Congrats!!