first week of NOV. NCLEX post here!!

  1. hi everyone!

    I am taking my NCLEX-RN on NOV1

    and anyone else who is taking their test on november please post here so we can congratulate and cheer eachother on!!

    we all will be RN's!!
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  3. by   Barbara7809
    hey its time to cheer each other on!!!! november test takers are in the "house". come on guys i know there are more of you out there. let's get the show on the road!!!!!
    we will be rn's for the up coming hoildays.
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  4. by   iel21
    I haven't scheduled yet but i'm planning to take it on the 2nd or 3rd week of November. Goodluck to us!

  5. by   McDreamy_001
    im goin to take take nclex on nov 9. goodluck to all of us!! cheers
  6. by   attrain15
    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to wish a good luck to all of the November test takers. I'm set to take the test on the first of November, for the third time. Spirits are up, confidence is up, just ready to get this over with so I can start my life. It's about time, I've been studying for over 3 months now. Lets do this!!!! :spin:
  7. by   Born2bRN

    I will be taking the NCLEX-RN the third week in November. I am a bit terrified, because it will be my 4th try. I am really tired of this test, and I am studying my hardest so I won't have to take it ever again.
  8. by   lovenursebeing
    hey novembers, lets get ready to rumble i'll be taking test the middle of november, haven't scheduled yet. this is my second time, so i'm taking my time doing my thing the "right" way this time. not that i didn't do it right the first time, but this time feels so much better. anyway, we can do this, it has been done, and it will continue to be done in the future. through faith, being [color=lemonchiffon]focused and following up, we can and will pass this test

    see yall at the after party for november test takers!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   rebmem
    I was with the October group, but decided to join the November group instead (hehehehe) I will be retesting on November 5th. This will be my 2nd (first was Aug.1st). I need your company to keep me focused and anxiety free. I am praying that we all pass! God bless you all.

    Let's party after.......
  10. by   chocolate123
    Hey Guys,

    I will be taking mines the first week in November. I was scheduled for October 29th, but I have decided to reschedule and take it November 3rd. I need more days to complete the Saunder's CD for the second time. Aslo, this is my second time taking the exam. Please keep me in prayer and I will do the same for you all.
  11. by   agak
    I'm taking NCLEX November too! This is my first time. Godspeed!
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  12. by   lovenursebeing
    come on november test takers, lets make some noise, only about two weeks to go for some, so we need to stand and unite. this is serious business, october testers have done well, "let's roll!!"
  13. by   struggler_RN
    Quote from McDreamy_001
    im goin to take take nclex on nov 9. goodluck to all of us!! cheers
    wohhooo!! me too! i'm gonna take it nov. 9! God bless us all! we all can make it!
  14. by   bjssk
    I am taking my NCLEX on the 19th Nov for the first time ! I am scared but I hope I pass. Any tips on how to study for the remaining days?