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  1. lovenursebeing

    leaving homehealth/ 2 weeks notice

    I did a really nice resignation letter thanking them for the opportunity. There are some people there who really love home health. It was not the right fit for me and I felt trapped. They were short and it seemed like I worked all day and night with charting, patients calling, dr offices calling, the office calling. I just didnt know how much more I could take before I messed up somewhere and then have to explain or be sorry for in that respect. I really felt in my gut that I just needed to leave. Thanks so much for replies and advice.
  2. lovenursebeing

    leaving homehealth/ 2 weeks notice

    thanks for replies, but i really felt stressed out; family was stressed out because i was stressed out; started going to bed with headaches, waking up with headaches. I talked with recruiter at prosepective hospital and she assured me that not doing a 2 week notice for certain reasons was okay for them, but any other place I would probably have to explain.
  3. lovenursebeing

    leaving homehealth/ 2 weeks notice

    if you're working in a really unorganized agency with no support. is it really, really, really necessary to do a 2 weeks notice. have been in home health for 6 months, but realize that acute care is really my niche and working nights. i feel unproductive and working ineffective. any suggestions or views appreciated.
  4. lovenursebeing

    Mississippi nurses roll call!!! (be known)

    Hello, everyone. Live in Pearl, worked at umc 2 years as cardiac nurse, but now in home health. So far so good. Lot of getting use to, but I don't think I'll go back to floor nursing for awhile.
  5. lovenursebeing

    Are there any Excelsior nurses in Mississippi

    hello, i am a recent grad from excelsior college, i started at hinds in jackson, finished with excelsior and didn't have any problems with license, sitting for boards or finding a job, work at umc in cardiology, you can pm me for more info, leave a number or email and i'll be glad to talk with you. lovernursebeing
  6. lovenursebeing

    Passed Boards W/265 Questions

    congrats to all who have passed in the past week, have been working- i am very worn out already, but it feels soooooooooooooo good. for those who haven't tested yet, keep the faith, pray and pus(pray until something happens), it's a tough road, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  7. lovenursebeing

    Passed Boards W/265 Questions

    oh, i forgot, i did the hurst review online also and it really helped. i mixed some of the info and it all came to the same point. also another thing i forgot to tell was TO REMAIN POSITIVE, DON'T FRET OR BE TOO ANXIOUS, IT'S HARD BUT TRY: PHILL 4:6-7, PSALMS 37:4-5, THIS REALLY WORKS, TRY IT, I PROMISE- STAY POSITIVE ESPECIALLY THROUGHOUT THE WAITING PERIOD, THATS THE HARDEST PART. TERRA
  8. lovenursebeing

    Passed Boards W/265 Questions

    just found out at 12:15am that i passed boards in the great state of mississippi, had all 265q, 5 hours. it was hard, but everytime i hit a hard spot, i asked the holy spirit to guide me to the right answer. this was my second time, first time in sept. with 75 q. what i did different was i studied and answered more questions, a litte over 3000. i used sauders of course with cd, i used a friend's left over kaplan stuff, and the ncsbn site was good, also i purchased the mosby's delegation, prioritization,assignment book, it was the bomb, my whole test was practically that book, felt real good at some points, had about 5 sata, 3 calcu., lots of medication teaching, priority, who to see first, who to call first. yall, this has been a true struggle, i would be typing all day and night to tell the story. but it can happen, i am a living testimony. oh, i almost forget one thing: prayer, lots of it, my whole church family is taking nclex, it seems. they have been holding my name up for the last week and it is god's amazing grace that has bought me through this journey. everyone that has contributed to these posts have also been a study guide or encouragement to me. i thank you all, can't call everyone by name, but thank you, thank you, thank you and good morning:) if anyone wants to know anything in particular, feel free to pm me. terra
  9. lovenursebeing

    Nov test takers

    born2burn, kaicam, reddy hope that you guys or girls had a good experience and have answered all the questions in a manner that nclex people will post those pass scores soon, keep us posted.
  10. lovenursebeing

    I passed in 265 questions!

    congratulations barbara and mcdreamy- now the true journey really begins- take a break, then hit the ground running. yeah!!!!
  11. lovenursebeing

    Nov test takers

    first of all congratulations, chocolate,rn-i am so proud of you, barbara hold your head up, god has brought you this far-now just wait and trust on him for the good news, diahni, just go in and do what you need to do- only you and god know what you need to do-just trust him and ask the holy spirit to intervene and guide you to the right answer- expect to pass, know and belive and you will achieve.
  12. lovenursebeing

    To God be the glory-- I passed!!!

    congrats je da. now is really the beginning of a great journey- keep the fire burning for the rest of us, but enjoy-god will take care!!!!!
  13. lovenursebeing

    Nov test takers

    chocolate remain positive and do what needs to be done, be strong, don't waver- stay confident and the end will be what you want it to be.
  14. lovenursebeing

    Nov test takers

    i have been following everyone's sucess for quite some time, i congratulate everyone who has already passed, and am very hopeful and prayerful for the ones who have to take test in the future, please add me to the list, i test on november 27th.
  15. Very normal, out of my class that started in spring 2004 with 120, only about 15 actually graduated on time, some were weeded out, some eventually staggered to 4th semester or others just dropped out, because it just seems too much of a hassle really trying to make it when you are doing everything you could possibly do to pass.
  16. lovenursebeing

    So the results are in and I......

    congrats, now go and buy something before you get your first check :) just kidding, but relax and enjoy!!!!

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