Feelin funky

  1. :smilecoffeeIlovecof :roll :roll :roll k
    So IM exhausted mentally and physically and emotionally but
    I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    75 questions!!!umpiron: yayyy!!!!!!
    To those who have yet to take it, fret not!! just study your saunders and questions, a strategy book and go for it!! RANDYBAYRN< congrats!!
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    Whether with coffee ( :smilecoffeecup: ) ... or tea (:smiletea: ) ...
    Or a cuppa sumpthin' stronger! ( :biere: :redlight: ).
    Tis time to celebrate YOU
    Just remember, "new nursey" ( :mortarboard: ),

    Days ahead will seem longer!
    So, forge ahead and continue to learn
    That paycheck and "thanks!" are both nice to earn.
    Keep the nightengale glowing
    And your brains evergrowing! GOOD LUCK!
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    Way to go! It is a huge relief isn't it? I know I cried more when I found out I passed then I did when I found out I hadn't (and I thought I cried alot then!)

    Now you can sleep like a baby! :zzzzz