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  1. Hellow everyone my name is camile and I am a 4 times nclex failure what should I study should I study the KAPLAN questions for $300. they'll send me 3000 questions to study how to take the nclex exam in other words why one answer is the right choice and the other one although making sense isn't. Sometime I want to give up on being a nurse but I'm 48 years old and my body and back can't take much more of the physical pain that comes with being a nurses aide. I've been a nurse aide a med tech off and on now for over 10 years time waisted when I should have been a nurse. But, a lot of circumstances have held me back most of them due to my on stupidity in the choices that I've made. I'm going back to school part time for Medical Assistant trying to use this as a refreshers course, since they don't have such a course here in Raliegh, NC. It is very painful watching all the young new nurses do the job I know I was meant to do now they tell me what to do as a nurse tech and I have to say yes mam to them with all my grey hair I am and feel like such a failure. thanks for listening CAMILE
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  3. by   suzy253
    Hi Camile & welcome to Allnurses. I don't know about the Kaplan as I didn't use it but some of my friends did and they liked it. I mainly used Saunders for a review (really didn't study very hard at all). One thing my school did that was very helpful was a 2-week NCLEX review right before graduation. I wish you luck. Don't give up!!!
  4. by   Tweety
    Welcome. Good luck to you!
  5. by   suebird3
    Welcome to, camile. I movedyour post to a more appropriate Forum for responses.

    No, you are NOT a failure. I know you will do fine. I hope you also drop by the NC State Forum at: when you get a chance.

  6. by   Paleobug
    I'm preparing to take the NCLEX a second time. I'm 47 and to be honest, I wouldn't accept work as a cna after graduating from nursing school. I would do cna work as an RN, but not just to be a cna. Right now the only thing that keeps me from being an RN is the damn NCLEX. I know that I can be just as good an RN as any of my classmates that have passed it and are now working. I would suggest trying Suzanne's plan. There is a thread at the top of the page about it. It uses the Saunder's Comprehensive Review book. In the meantime, I would find an easier job while your preparing to take it again.
  7. by   joy1181
    Do practice questions every day. Every single day. That is really the only way you can get use to answering nclex-style questions. I like Saunders, Kaplan strategies and Mosby-CAT(computer adaptive testing). Don't get discouraged, you can do it.
  8. by   suzanne4
    Soryy, but I do not agree with any of the above. If you hve taken the exam several times and have not passed, you need to focus on only one author and book, not bouncing all over the place. Rationales are more important than even the questions, and you need to understand what NCLEX is looking for in the answer that they want, not just memorizing questions.

    I am willing to help you pass, but you need to do things my way. There is a "First Tip" of mine that is posted at the top in a sticky, complete that then cntact me via pm. Or if you have more questions.

    But the worst thing that you can do at this point is use multiple books and CDs. It just is not going to work.
  9. by   RNKay31
    Welcome, IMHO I will suggest you used saunders for content, there is an area on the saunders CD for analysis, and application questions, I think it is very good, also you can practice with Kaplan, cd trainers, that was the only sources I used, I had more, but that the only ones I used, my test was very similar to kaplan.