beating a dead horse

  1. i am posting in blue today, because that is how i feel. i took my nclex pn test almost 3 yrs ago, and passed w/ the min # of ?'s. yesterday i took th ern nclex, and it stopped at 75. i couldn't believe it, because i didn't feel as though i had performed as well as i could have. my program used the ati, and i was told that i had an over 99% chance of passing the nclex. somehow that doesn't make me feel any better. and after reading the boards, and seeing that there are quite a few people who stopped at 75 and failed, i feel sick to my stomach. anyway, any words of encouragement that can be offered would be appreciated.
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  3. by   jayann
    Hi Codebrown,
    You will do fine. I'll include you in my prayers. I am still waiting for my result up to now. I understand what you are going through. Cheer up, you are not alone.
  4. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    Hey--you relax. I took the NCLEX-RN on Thursday and felt like I failed miserably. I had the ENTIRE 265 questions. You have an 85% chance of passing at 75. Everyone in my class that has taken it so far with 75 has passed--and that's 7 out of 7. I JUST found out that I passed and am elated. I can't wait for you to feel this way. The depression and feeling like a total failure is NORMAL. Just try and get your mind off of it if possible and POST a follow-up letting us know you passed ASAP!!!! Cheer up, buttercup!!!
  5. by   vamedic4
    Take some deep breaths, codebrown...I'm sure you'll do fine.

    It's natural to expect the worst until good news arrives.

    Take care, try not to think about it *(go roller skating or something)...

    and have a great day.

  6. by   Pucca73
    I bet you passed. Have a question: are the meds questions in NCLEX give both trade name and genetic name?:zzzzz
  7. by   Katnip
    I passed at 75 and walked out of there sure I'd failed. I drove my poor family and friends nuts until I got the results.

    I don't know any nurse who had passed and felt confident leaving the exam.
  8. by   ShanNJ
    I am right there with you I took mine on Saturday and I think I failed at 75 .....
  9. by   sikkemarn
    We all felt that way. When the computer stopped at 75, I thought maybe I had done so poorly that it was too late to recover. PASSED this morning. I will keep everyone in my prayers...there is nothing like the power of prayer
  10. by   codebrown
    well, it took exactly two weeks, but i found out this a.m. that i passed!!! my license was finally up on the ca brn website, and would have been there sooner if not for the fact that my school didn't do my transcripts right the first two times they sent them to the board!!! all's well that ends well..... to those of you still waiting to take the nclex, or to find out results, i wish you all the best. i know that you will all be fantastic nurses!
  11. by   NeosynephRN
    Congrats RN!!!!! That was a long wait..and I am so glad the outcome was good!!!
  12. by   nadu13