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  1. ShanNJ

    Charleston, SC

    My husband and I are considering relocating to Mount Pleasant, SC which is in the Charleston area. Does anyone have any salary information on that area? Or know where I can get that information (besides salary.com) Thanks in advance! Shannon
  2. ShanNJ


    I used Saunders (the blue book). It has a review for each system before the questions. I also did the Mosby CAT. It is a simulated NCLEX. It was 40 bucks, but it tells you your percentage of passing and the difficulty level you are at. THe only thing with it is that I was getting repeat questions. I reviewed the rationales of the questiosn i got wrong adn soem of the oens that I got right. I made a note book with bullet points fromt he rationales. I just kept readin over my list and labs and other weak points. That's it!
  3. ShanNJ


    I passed! 75 questions....I was so nervous. I can't believe I am finally done!:monkeydance:
  4. ShanNJ

    Thanks to Everyone for their Feedback

    Congratulations! :balloons: :monkeydance: :balloons:
  5. ShanNJ

    beating a dead horse

    I am right there with you I took mine on Saturday and I think I failed at 75 .....
  6. ShanNJ

    NCLEX today

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking and reading all of your NCLEX stories. They have really helped me, thanks! I took the NCLEX today. I had 75 questions. Many priority questions (over 14), 5-6 choose all that apply, and I feel like I had a zillion questions with meds I didn't know (reality, probably 5-7). I just can't gauge how I did! I am so nervous, I just hope I passed! And I don't even know what day I will get my quick reslts since I took it over the weekend! The wait is terrible and it has only been 2 hours! Good luck to all who are going to take the test and congrats to those who passed!
  7. ShanNJ

    My results are in...

    Yeah! Congratualtions!!!!!!!
  8. ShanNJ

    Are Quick Results available on Saturdays?

    I just took my test today (saturday), when do you guys think I will be able to get my quick results? Please say Monday!
  9. ShanNJ

    Pretty Sure i failed today :(

    Congratulations! I've been lurking on this thread waiting for you to post your results. My biggest fear was getting a bunch of meds I don't know and choose all that apply. I took the NCLEX today. I finished in 75 questions. I had 5-6 choose all that apply, atleast 14 prioritizing (yes, i kept track -> loser!), and 5-6 mods that I have never heard of! I am freaking out right about now! You've given me atleast a glimmer of hope!