Are they giving the new format already?

  1. For NCLEX-RN, that is? I'm terribly frightened to take this in December with the "choose all the correct answers" format. How is it?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    There are only a few, if any, of the new questions currently appearing on the exams taken recently. I would worry more about learning the content, then worrying about the types of questions...........
  4. by   medicrnohio
    They are giving the new format test now. I had 7 new format questions out of 75 questions. They really weren't that bad though. There is a book by Lippincott called 150 New Format NCLEX-RN Questions. It is worth buying or borrowing to get an idea of the new format questions.
  5. by   *PICURN*
    ....and you may end up not seeing a single one on the test! (like me)
  6. by   studentnurse74
    So the whole thing isn't going to be that way? Just some of the questions?
  7. by   suzanne4
    Yes, and not everyone gets them. Essentially it is just your luck of the draw.
    As I said before, worry more about the content...........
  8. by   Jennerizer
    I took the nclex on Feb 28th & I only had one "check all that apply" question. It's not that bad at all.
  9. by   GGodwinRN
    I took it on Feb. 28 and I had 8 check all that apply.
  10. by   studentnurse74
    Yay! So I can keep my old and my new book and study both.