Are advisors suppose to rip you up if you fail the Nclex?

  1. Hi this is my first post, r/t the nclex NOT passing and being ripped up by my Advisor who I thought would help me and give me words of encouragement like keep your head up, you'll get it next time or what can I do to help you! Nothing, I got nothing like that. What I got was, how could you, why did you take an exam you weren't prepared for, what were you thinking, I am very very disappointed in you, how can you do that to this school-we had a 100% pass rate and you messed that up, go home study and don't take the exam until you are 100 percent comfortable and certain and if you fail again your done! So after that enormous guilt trip and me driving back home in tears (which is a long drive) I wondered and thought THANK GOD I have such a strong and wonderful bond with GOD, that's the only reason why I didn't "eat-a-gun"! Seriously, 20 minutes with her and you feel smaller than dirt, so with that said, aren't advisors, professors and nursing faculty SUPPOSE to be encouraging, a sense of guidance and helpers or I am just hallucinating and living in LA-LA land?! I have started studying again, and I can admit I messed up by taking it when I wasn't ready and extremely stressed with outside [personal] stressors. I can see some of my mistakes and cockiness with some questions. I see a recognizeable question and I'm like oh I know this without finishing the question OR looking/reading at all the choices. BIG mistake, don't do that b/c the ******** who made this exam made it tricky and purposely put two really good choices and one is actually right. One thing I can say for certain is when I pass, because I will [if it kills me], I will do everything in my power to cram it down her throat and NOT give her or the University ANY of the credit
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  3. by   LunchClubber

    That was a mouthful. Sorry to hear you bolo'd your NCLEX but it happens.

    My question to you is - why do you still have an ADVISOR at your school if you have graduated?

    And who cares what your school thinks? They didn't provide you a nursing education (which qualified you to take the NCLEX) out of love or charity. They did it because you paid them a boatload of cold, hard cash.

    You wouldn't have gotten heat from your school if you had broken ties with them the day you graduated. Walk away from them and never look back. And chuck all those future fundraising letters in the circular file!
  4. by   julesandjewels
    Ur right, I am doing just that, walking away! Advisor and professors still in life b/c this school is that way. All in the kool-aid and wanna make it forever, they like to track and keep "in touch" so they do via phone calls, e-mails and mailings. After my encounter they can forget it. Thanks for the response and duh!-common sense action!!!
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  5. by   headinsandRN
    Sounds like that teacher took the scenic route in telling you to get your rear end in gear.

    Now get yourself in gear and dont spend another small fortune on that test until you have prepared adequately.

    turn the other cheek with this teachers over zealous speech about the pass rate, etc, you might need former teachers for references for job apps.

    you can do it! good luck!
  6. by   headinsandRN
    reread your post and i missed the eat a gun part til now.

    please reach out and talk to someone if you have any more thoughts about hurting yourself.
  7. by   Up2nogood RN
    If it were me and that advisor contacted me again I would refer her to my attorney.
  8. by   JeffSchoolRN2b
    I agree w/the walk away and don't look back part, schools are a buisness they want your money, i went to Galen who alos boasts about their passing rate, i didn't pass my RN NCLEX and when i contacted them about possibly attending a study class they dropped me like a hot potato, wouldn't even return my phone calls, so right then and there it was a cold slap of reality, the only person i can count on is myself and the kind folks i've found on this web site.
  9. by   tyvin
    Your referral to suicide was extremely unsettling. You weren't prepared and not all the questions on the test are slated to deceive in order to ruin peoples lives.

    Your post has several red flags indicating you need to talk to someone IMO.
  10. by   mudd68
    If you are interested please look into Hurst review services. Great program. Good luck!
  11. by   kakamegamama
    "Your referral to suicide was extremely unsettling. You weren't prepared and not all the questions on the test are slated to deceive in order to ruin peoples lives.

    Your post has several red flags indicating you need to talk to someone IMO."

    I'm in agreement with Tyvin. Is there someone you can talk to who can offer support in life? And, don't let the comments made by your advisor tear you down. You are too valuable for that. Study and prepare more intensely for the next time you take the NCLEX. Remember--the exam is written based on what every entry level RN should know. Critical thinking is a big part--hence the reason there are often at least 2 responses that appear to be right--there really is only one correct one. The test item writers are writing items based on standard of practice, not necessarily what each individual program tested on, although it has been my experience that most programs "test toward the NCLEX" by writing exams/using test bank questions that are geared toward the NCLEX. Anyway---hang in there. The hurt, disappointment, and anger will fade and one day you'll look back and say "I did it!!! I passed the NCLEX!!!". Hang in there!
  12. by   julesandjewels
    Bad choices of words, I guess. I am not suicidal or have those thoughts, just a figure of speech but thanks soooo much for the outreach and concern. You guys are awesome, love this site. I will hang in there and I will pass! Thanks for the words of encouragement-everyone!!!
  13. by   caliotter3
    A person's mother is supposed to be supportive, encouraging, and consoling, but there are mothers in the world who don't fit the bill. The advisor was overreacting to being disappointed about no more 100% pass rate; they had no interest in you or your performance. If the next person had been the one to fail, they would have received this treatment. If you want support, come here to your friends at AN. You can do this.
  14. by   llg
    This particular instructor sounds as if she was too harsh ... but ... it is not anyone's job (even your mother) to always say positive things to you. Sometimes, people need a good "kick in the butt." If you screwed up and did not adequately prepare, then you may have needed to hear that. Not all feedback SHOULD be positive. Sometimes, we need negative feedback to help us see our mistakes and take personal responsibility for them.

    I am sorry that this instructor was overly harsh. I'm sure it wasn't necessary as you probably felt bad enough to begin with. But that's behind you now. It's time now to learn from your past mistakes and move forward. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start preparing for the next time you take the exam. If your school offers actual assistance with NCLEX preparation, take advantage of it. Don't let your personal pride get in the way of your use of their resources.

    Good luck to you.