anyone here failed @ 75?

  1. anyone? :wink2:
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Yes - there have been people on this forum who failed the NCLEX at 75 questions. The number of questions doesn't tell you a pass/fail result.
  4. by   RNKay31
    Quote from EricEnfermero
    Yes - there have been people on this forum who failed the NCLEX at 75 questions. The number of questions doesn't tell you a pass/fail result.
    That's true, try to relax and be calm.
  5. by   kathy_bear
    oh well... i'm so anxious... and currently experiencing anticipatory grieving right now.. LOL
    i felt so drained when i left the testing center.. and i'm 70% sure that i will not make it. i even have a bar of cadburry chocolate with me to rescue me from crying coz i only ride the train going back home..

    i'm praying.. i hope i can see my result tomorrow even it's a holiday.
  6. by   Chiefy
    Good luck KB! I think the chocolate bar was a good idea. Best wishes when you look for your results today.
  7. by   RNKay31
    Wishing you the best
  8. by   elfchen1
    yes, I failed the first time with 75 questions! And I was at this time, absolutly shure, that I passed......

    and then, I failed again with 185 questions.......

  9. by   kathy_bear
    labor day is killling me... i think they'll not gonna post it today coz it a holiday...

    i'm sorry to hear that elfchen1
  10. by   Jules A
    In the poll section it seems that the majority with less questions like you, did pass, although as the others said there is always the exception. Fingers crossed!
  11. by   RNKay31
    Fingers crossed for you too.
  12. by   parrotmom
    I felt very scared when mine shut down at 75 last week and know what you are going through but I really think very few don't pass at 75. Think back to the test and see if you remember it repeating a lot of questions worded similar. If it did maybe you didn't but over all most people pass at 75. Also check your state site before paying for the quick results. I paid when mine became available and then switched over to the state site and my license was already posted. Could have save d 7.95 had I known that before. Fingers are crossed and prayers to the tiki gods are with you.
  13. by   kathy_bear
    thanks guys for the kind words.

    I PASSED. it's a miracle from God..coz i know that i got a lot of wrong answers coz i look at my review books to find what's the right answer and i'm wrong... and i also missed to view the exhibit (picture) bec i'm so concentrated w/ the q's and answer it w/o looking at the exhibit.. what a dummy me hehe lol

    i got a lot of proiritization and check all that applies. i even got a question prioritizing patients w/ airway problems... 3 of them..
    actually the questions were simple.. but the choices were so difficult.

    and for those ones who's loosing hope, prayers reaalllly work.
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  14. by   EricJRN

    Keep in mind that both passers and failers tend to only get around 50% correct. That's why we always advise students never to go back and look up answers in their textbooks. You can miss a LOT of questions and it doesn't mean that you failed.

    I'm glad you made it. Congratulations.