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  1. kathy_bear

    how much tax you're paying

    hi! i'm single and i don't own a house yet so i don't have any deductible. my tax is killing me, roughly 2 thousand a month. i'm earning like $2700 biweekly and i just take home $1600, sometimes $1530 i declared 0 in my income tax so i will not gonna have any probs at the end of the year. any advice on how can lower my taxes?
  2. kathy_bear

    Montefiore in the Bronx

    hi! i'm working in albert einstein/ weiler montefiore and i'm a new grad... my starting is 70K (night shift and bsn differential) but the tax is killing me.. 2k++ a month.
  3. kathy_bear

    ER must haves

    folded papers 2 pens 5- 1 dollar bills steth around my neck 10ml ns flush ntg bottle blistex sometimes pair of gloves
  4. kathy_bear

    where do u buy scrubs here in NY

    same question here.. i live and work in the bronx too :)
  5. kathy_bear

    where do u buy scrubs here in NY

    thanks for the replies.. to maximaxi: i bought my scrubs at ebay and some sites online but the sizing is different.. i have to try it first coz sometime xs in dickies is not xs in other brands
  6. kathy_bear

    where do u buy scrubs here in NY

    i usually buy online but i have some difficulties about sizing coz som e brands have different sizing, like the xs in dickies is a small in cherokee... so i would prefer buying in stores so i could try it. where do u buy scrubs and other medical supplies here in NYC? thanks
  7. kathy_bear

    I want a yellow stethoscope, know where I can find one?

    hello! i just bought a yellow maxiscope 2 weeks ago :) IT IS FREAKIN' CUUUUTE!!!!
  8. kathy_bear

    Maxiscope Ultrascope? Good/Bad???

    hello! i bought a yellow maxiscope online and i must say it's waaaaayyy better than littman lightweight. i got it for $48 shipping included.. it's so cute :)
  9. kathy_bear

    ER must haves

    what things do you carry inside your pockets usually? some must haves that you can't work without? pls share :)
  10. kathy_bear

    is this worth the price? take a look

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170030231952&sspagename=ADME:B:AAQ:US:1 here's the link... he's selling it for $349.99 in ebayexpress.com
  11. kathy_bear

    is this worth the price? take a look

    http://item.express.ebay.com/__PDAs-Pocket-PCs_Palm-MEDICAL-Tungsten-TX-PDA-WiFi-BlueTooth-W-1gb-SD_W0QQitemZ170030231952QQihZ007QQptdnZPDAsQ20Q26Q20PocketQ20PCsQQcmdZExpressItem i was looking for palm tx in ebay and found this.. is it worth the price? i think it's not brandnew coz the seller mentioned he used it as a demo.. but i love the packaged software and sd card what do u think?
  12. kathy_bear

    What is the best NYC hospital for a fresh grad?

    anymore info about other hospitals? how about mt sinai?
  13. kathy_bear

    what is the best area to start with

    thanks for the info :) by the way what do u think about hemodialysis unit?
  14. kathy_bear

    what is the best area to start with

    hello. i'm a new RN and will be applying soon. What is the area you would recommend for a new RN like me? i also noticed that most of the new Rns are working in med/surg/tele... any advice?
  15. kathy_bear


    i have two trodats, one from metazza.. P150.00 and the other one is a gift from my friends last year coz i'm leaving for US that time.. and now, i still have it w/ me.. but i think i wont be able to use it anymore here in US coz the charting is already in computer
  16. kathy_bear

    work abroad w/out experience.. possible?

    hello! same dilemma here... okay this is the picture.. i got here in New York bec my dad petitioned me. i graduated last 2005 in the philippines, took the local boards, left phils last year and just last week i passed my nclex rn. I felt so inadequate coz i don't have any working experince, just my clinical exposure (hospital duty) when i was still studying. And actually i've never experienced inserting a foley cath to a real person.. i just experience inserting it to a dummy as part of our related learning experience from school. Not only that, i don't even have the courage to look for a job coz (i know this is shallow so pls bear with me) I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING IMPRESSIVE TO PUT IN MY RESUME. thankis for reading..