after 3 nclex rn tries, trying the pn for the first time - page 3

i just failed my 3rd nclex rn last saturday. Im gonna try the nclexpn for the first time in 2 weeks.Im going to buy the exam cram pn "practice questions". Is that enough? ive been studying for... Read More

  1. by   bluebonnet12
    ncsbn learning extension is very affordable, i guess it's only $50 for the 3 week course and $100 for the 8 week in which am into now since last week. Goodluck to us!
  2. by   SirMiggy
    thanks guys
  3. by   SirMiggy
    im through
  4. by   marinesgirl
    im doing the same. im taking my lpn after failing rn couple of times
  5. by   SirMiggy
    goodluck to you