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  1. marinesgirl

    nclex rn next week

    so im scheduled to take my rn next week and i haven't even studied yet coz I'm busy working as a pn. any tips you guys? this will be the 4th time ill take it
  2. what tube study was it? the 95 pages? from passnclex2014?
  3. marinesgirl

    I Passed!

    hello! congratulations! i have a question, did u enroll in kaplan?
  4. marinesgirl

    How to pass NCLEX-RN!

    pmed u
  5. marinesgirl

    am,pm or graveyard shift? which will you prefer?

    do you still have time to sleep though?
  6. HI! im a newly registered nurse and i want to know which shift is the best? I have a baby so I want the shift where i can spend most times with my family. The facility is giving me choices on all the shift where i want to work. so, i was wondering which is better in a LTC facility? 7-3, 3-11 or 11-7?? what are the pros and cons?
  7. marinesgirl

    Kaplan Reviewers who passed

    hello everyone! ii was wondering who here already passed the nclex and is still currently enrolled on kaplan qbank?
  8. marinesgirl

    waiting for nclex result philippines

    you can check it after 2 days. or try the pct pop up. google it if u don't knw what it is
  9. marinesgirl

    I'm taking my NCLEX-PN

    prayers are with u. i took my pn without studying at all and passed. u got this!!
  10. marinesgirl

    Tiffany phamacology notes

    hi tiffany can you email me too? mnqtan@yahoo.com
  11. marinesgirl


    i pm'ed you.
  12. marinesgirl


    i sent u pm.
  13. marinesgirl


    hello everyone! has anyone tried the pass2013nclex guideline which costs $50? they said its a 97 page notes. please let me know if anyone used this?
  14. marinesgirl

    to do a review or self-study

    just self study. review doesn't really help you, they just guide you
  15. hey guys! anyone here knows a place where an lpn can work in jacksonville, nc. i have no experience since I'm a fresh graduate and everyone online needs at least 1-2 yrs of experience. pls let me know appreciate it. thank you!!
  16. marinesgirl

    Study tips nclex rn passers pls

    do u have any notes on the meds?