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265! I'm going to lose my mind any minute! anyone get that same amount? :uhoh21:... Read More

  1. by   kpjr
    you can retake it as of the date you took the test, not as of when you receive the letter.
  2. by   Silverdragon102
    Hang in there and wait for results, we have had members post they didn't seen name on website and passed.
  3. by   FaithandSmiles
    Yes...You can take it 45 days later from the actual test date. For example, I took my NCLEX on the 7th of July and I was next eligible to take it, well, today! The 21st...However, I had to receive a re-application to test, mail it in to the BON, and the BON had to contact PearsonVue before I received another authorization to test. It took me about 10 days to get my packet from the BON, leaving 35 days until my first possible retest date. I mailed in my re-ap the very next day (overnight), and it still took the board a while to sort through applications. Still, everything went through. I only mention all this to say that when you get online to schedule another testing date, testing centers fill up quickly. I am retesting on the 26th (Tuesday! That test is history!). But you know, even if you schedule for a later date, keep signing on to PearsonVue periodicly throughout the day and slots seem to open up as some people reschedule their test dates! That being said, God bless! Whatever the results, don't fret! Personally, I am not going to check my BON's website (they posted my friend's names the day after the NCLEX. I live in Pennsylvania.) It'll make me so nervous! Well, anyway. God bless you!
  4. by   honeebea
    Thanks for the encouragement and the info. Im still waiting...no letter yet.
  5. by   FaithandSmiles
    Tomorrow is "round 2" for me, friendsumpiron:! Keep me in your prayers. I feel much more prepared and am taking this exam under less stressful circumstances :crash_com(plus it helps that I know a little bit of what to expect! I just hope I don't end up with 265 questions again!).
  6. by   honeebea
    Good luck! I will be praying for you! I am sure you will pass this time.
  7. by   FaithandSmiles
    I had to post again to tell everyone that I passed my second time around! (PA Board of Nursing is swift with their website updates! Pearson Vue should let me know tomorrow!) Glory to God for this one. Test anxiety did not prevail as I turned to Jesus for peace!

    If I could do it, anyone could do it. I studied my little buns off, but knowledge was never the problem for me. Test Anxiety was! My first time around was disasterous because I was so anxious I was just hitting answers to get out of there towards the end. So really, it was God's perfect peace this exam. Every question was a "give me your peace" and a "thank you Lord" and a "This test is mine!" :typing Study wise, I used a variety of resources. My study advice for anybody who may be reading who still needs to test/pass, is to just flood yourself with questions. When I walked out of my exam yesterday I felt good (though, I still had a little bit of uncertainty). Also, I didn't do a Kaplan course, but the Kaplan study material did help me. I also used saunders, mosby, and Lippencott (though mostly mosby and saunders, and also a Davis Pharm test book) I did 150 questions a day, and about 200 a day my last week. No study the day before or the day of the test, and I was out of there quickly!

    You guys on these forums are such an encouragement and I will be PRAYING for you for sure. Peace. Encouragement. Confidence. This may be a BIG test, but it is still just a test, and you WILL overcome it! God bless.
  8. by   FaithandSmiles
    Oh, and my soon-to-be fiance became a nurse today too. We went to nursing school together, graduated together, tested together, and became nurses together. How sweet is that?
  9. by   michaRN
    wow..how sweet!and Congratulations to both of you..God is really great!
  10. by   michaRN
    took Nclex exam yesterday up till 265 for 4 hours. It is really true that you can absolutely passed with 265 items..
  11. by   missmykids
    Quote from michaRN
    took Nclex exam yesterday up till 265 for 4 hours. It is really true that you can absolutely passed with 265 items..
    CONGRATS my dear friend.....To GOD be the glory!!!!
  12. by   michaRN
    Quote from missmykids
    CONGRATS my dear friend.....To GOD be the glory!!!!
    thank you, yes To God be the Glory!!!this is my new found friend Missykids...:heartbeat
  13. by   XSoCalX
    i took the test yesturday Aug 26th as well and went the whole 265 Questions...the waiting game is the worst, and im just trying to keep myself busy as i wait it out..unfortuanly i'm in california where they like to keep us on our toes for a little longer than most please pray for a license number for me as i dont think i can manage to repeat this stress again...congrats to everyone who passed with 265, i hope to join you soon!