2 odds against me but still Passed NCLEX!

  1. disclaimer: my review strategy but I just want to encourage and uplift those who are about to take NCLEX.

    I am a foreign graduate and I took the nclex nov.26 and I found out that I passed after 48 hours via quick results.

    My computer shut off at 75 and like most students, thought that I did not make it. I was wrong.

    I used the following books:

    Kaplan 2012-2013. i was going back and forth if i will enroll with their online review but it
    it was just too expensive

    Saunder 5th ed i read this almost cover to cover...i say almost because i skipped the
    OB and peds chapter. i also used their CD companion and answered
    the alternative questions

    Lippincott Q and A this book i love...i answered all the questions here and reviewed all
    rationales which are good.

    NCLEX 10000 i have this because it came with the Lippincott book. their questions
    mostly found in the book as well so go figure..but when i get bored
    with answering in the book i used this just to get out of the
    monotony. but i could safely say that they are pretty good practice.

    PDA by LaCharity most reviewers said its a must have so i bought one, and yes it
    helped me learned delegate and prioritizations. i did all and some
    of the case studies. i believe this book helped me in some ways.

    feur audios somebody gave me a copy so i listened to some audios but not all

    Kaplan Q trainers i learned from this website that you can search it so i did and found
    it. its free if you are resourceful around the web. and here's my stat

    Diagnostics - 60%
    Test 1 - 57%
    Test 2 - 60%
    Test 3 - 55%
    Test 4 - 54%
    Test 5 - 54%
    Test 6 - 55%
    Test 7 - 58%
    Readiness - 64%

    not the best scores but i read all rationales as well. it remember getting so frustrated with my scores because people here said to at least aim for 60%.. well i aimed for it but i just didn't quite reached it, but in the end what matters is i read and learned from the rationales.

    and during the last two days before my exam...i could not concentrate anymore. i could not answer practice questions so what i did was read the 35 page material that i downloaded from this website. i probably read it four times.

    ive a lot of loose review materials that ive gathered over the course of nursing school. i got it online. and i could safely say they were very helpful for me.

    and of course, before i sat for the test i took a moment and said a prayer to St. Cupertino that was posted here.

    thank you to all the people who one way or another helped and supported me from filing my applications to review for the actual nclex. thanks you and Godbless.

    and why the title of 2 odds against me? well in Kaplan they have this portion in the book that said odds high in failing if you are 1. foreign educated 2. English is not your first language etc etc..they have a lot of odds there, wont list all...but i beat it because i want to defy that odd.
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  3. by   smilesalot
    sorry for some typos and grammar error, so excited to share.
  4. by   2013rn2BScorpio
    CONGRATULATIONS to you! What Lipincott book are you referring to?
  5. by   smilesalot
    Quote from 2013rn2BScorpio
    CONGRATULATIONS to you! What Lipincott book are you referring to?
    Lippincott's Q and A Review for nclex RN 11 th ed.
  6. by   applepie2013
    I am so happy for you ..I will be retaking it on Jan...I am confident that I will be pass it this time God bless!
  7. by   atom2013
    Congrats! Foreign grad here too and will take the exam in two weeks. Hoping for the best. Btw, did you think saunders cd alternate format qs help you? Planning to practice satas on it. Kaplan is my main resource though but I need to practice more on alt format qs.
  8. by   itsbekah
    I'm a foreign graduate too from the philippines. Congrats! How would you describe the experience answering the question? i take my exam in two weeks from now!
  9. by   aimeedarling
    Hello! I have yet to take the exam I finished nursing school in June and have had a hard time getting all the required paperwork to the BRN (out of 5 letters of recommendations they have received 0 )

    I'm getting quite nervous because I haven't been studying and I think I've lost everything I spent 2 years learning. I definitely need a good content review + question strategies.

    I think I'll get the kaplan anywhere online course. Does anyone have any other content recommendations?

    Congratulations on passing!! It seems like you worked very hard to prepare!
  10. by   Spr2013
    Hi, I also have the Lippincott book, and just wondering how did you get access to the nclex 10000? I went to the website on the back of the book, but it shows the payment page when i clicked on the access button, thanks!
  11. by   Monah86
    This was inspiring! Congratulations! I also have kaplan, saunders, and lippincott and test in January!
  12. by   ShannonV
    Awesome! Congratulations on your success and best of wishes in your new career. I take NCLEX next month and I couldn't be more mixed about my readiness yet anxiousness to get it over with. I too have the Kaplan, Lippincott and Saunders editions you mentioned as well as the review from this website...we shall see!