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As of Jan 1, 2011, the North Carolina board of nursing...

Issued this new policy for urine drug screens. Keep in mind, it is not the drug testing or even the observed collections. It is the manner in which the test is performed. Is this done in any other states? Once again, not the observed collections but the way ncbon is dictating the collection procedure. $50.00 to 76.00 that is a 52% increase.

Can you nurses give me all your feedback and how you feel about this procedure?

Is this procedure done in any other states?

What is your procedure, if any?

Can you nurses give me all your feedback and how you feel about this procedure?

Now, i wish i could upload all the forms that were sent to all nurses in the alternative program and the chemical dependency discipline program in north carolina.

Observed collection requirements...

Effective january 1, 2011, all specimens collections for the ncbon participants must be directly observed. Directly observed means that you must personally and directly watch the urine go from the participants body into the collection container.

A participant's failure to comply with these requirements will be consider a refusal to test.

1. The observer must be the same gender as the ncbon participant. (the observer may be a different individual than the person serving as the specimen collector.

2. The observer must enter the restroom or facility where the urination occurs.

3. The observer will instruct the participant to raise his or her shirt, blouse, or dress/skirt, as appropriate, above the waist, just above the navel: andlower clothing and underpants to mid-thigh and to show the observer, by turning around- that the participant is not in possession of a prosthetic or other devices designed to carry urine substitutes.

4. After the observer has determined that the participant does not have such a device, the observer may permit the participant to return clothing to its proper position and then conduct the observed collection.

5. The observer must personally and directly watch the urine pass from the participants body into the collection container.

6. Participants must adhere to all other procedures and guidelines for the chain of custody etc. As outlined in the enrollment packet from firstlab.

Thank you and i look forward to all responses.

New Drug testing Procedure.pdf

Letter from NCBON.pdf

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It is humiliating but the peer and board make the rules in order for us to retain our license. I do feel much better that the observer is "same gender." I think an observed UA is the least of our worries and does not bother me nearly as much as the public bon website that announces every detail of your addiction(mine does). This is a perfect scenario for your serenity prayer :)

Hang in there!!!!

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OMG, this sounds like the "observer" would have to have his/her head practically in the toilet if you are sitting to urinate.


Catmom :paw:

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The peer program i am in has ALWAYS been observed....but never have i had to lift my shirt, turn around and have them see if my cup is in place correctly!

They usually stand at the door and watch. Sheesh!!!!

I mean, even with them just standing at door, there would be NO WAY to fake peeing in a cup with a device!

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NCBON is managed with unrestraint. The board members must realize we are not cohesive enough to garner any objections as the powerful group of professional nurses. Instead we are regarded as druggies, etoh abusers, diverters without the insight to ban and fight. If an individual objects, they would probably lose their case, get a new lable, and added time onto their sentencing. We need a union. To answer your question, this in an invasion. We should appeal to the civil liberties agency.

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What's next? In a case as a male they would just "hold it" to the cup? Females they would get on their knees and hold the cup in the toilet. It's interesting everyone is screaming about these new airport screening rules which I don't think is appropriate either.

Those of us in this special club can either throw the towel in or suck it up even though we think some these requirements are crap! I intend to finish this program and look back and think "what a nightmare." All my gratitude goes to God and A.A. for giving me my life back; not the BON.

I am in the Pennsylvania program. They go on a case by case basis to determine if you must be observed or not. Fortunately for me I am unoserved, so far. But, this is ridiculous! I agree with sissykim, we need a union. There are so many instances where we get dumped on and noone defends us. I wish I could get out of this profession and make money doing something else. Almost everything that goes along with my nursing experience of 25 years has been a very negative experience and only defends the patient, never ever cares about or defends the nurse.

OMG! Just reading that made me sick to my stomach. Maybe NCs ACLU could help out if they were made aware of this. It's disgusting.

All over again

I was wondering the same thing...

Maybe OP should start gathering a group of nurses and go to someone who can help protect them, at least try to protect them anyway. Power in numbers, maybe?

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Wow, just wow.

thank you for all the comments on this invasive procedure.

acceptance!!! i have accepted and accepted and accepted with grace and charm. it was a big struggle for the first years but now i try to just go with it.

just because we are in recovery does not mean we have to be run over like a piece of road kill, talked to like we are less than human and basically be treated like dirt. we have enough shame and quilt that we live with daily.

i find recovery is about change, changing the whole person, mind, spirit and body. learning to love ourselves, again. treating others and ourselves with

respect and love.

i said this morning, if i can not vent and talk about things in a safe environment with out be ridiculed, then what are the support groups for????

this blog is about the delivery of the new policy of observed drug screens by the north carolina board of nursing not about the doing the observed drugs. i would give them my blood, hair and urine at the same time if they ask me too, and i would do with a sincere smile.

this is about the copy and paste job they (ncbon) did from the dot; part 40- procedure for transportation workplace drug and alcohol testing programs (effective oct. 1, 2010)

p 40.67 sections g thru k.

in the first letter from the ncbon, they stated that these changes are being made as a result of changes in government standards for drug testing implemented in 2008. therefore, consistent with federal guidelines, effective jan 1, 2011 all urine drug screens will be performed using direct observation procedures.

if this is a federal guideline then you nurses in other states would be doing the same thing as north carolina, right??

i do not mind being observed for drug screens. but you guys try this new procedure the next time you go to the bathroom, keep in mind your pants will be touching the nasty bathroom floor then you are going to put them next to you body?? yuk, yuk.

thanks for reading this and i still want your feedback.

by the way, i truly love my simple and rewarding life today and i am so grateful for the what recovery has shown me and keeps showing me everyday. i can look in the mirror and love what i see today, just for today.

got2b (me)

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