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Hello allnurses,

I have a 20-year-old daughter who wants to be a nurse.

We live in Charlotte, NC and I'm trying to find a college close by that she can attend that doesn't require a TEAS TEST V passing score.

She's getting ready to graduate next month with a General Studies Degree and has all of her prerequisite classes for the nursing program but can not seem to pass TEAS TEST.

She took it once but scored low, and now she's discouraged because she wants to become a nurse but can't seem to pass TEAS TEST with a high enough score. She has a 3.5 GPA and I'm looking into TEAS TEST V PREP EXAM Course at CPCC I thought that might help her do well next time she takes TEAS TEST EXAM.

If anyone knows of any Colleges in the North Carolina area that don't require TEAS TEST to get into the LPN or RN program please let me know.

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Found this on the Gaston College site under the RN requirements:

Have a minimum composite score of 65 on the TEAS V taken within five (5) years from the date of application. Official scores for the TEAS must be submitted to Gaston College via the testing company (Assessment Technologies, Inc.). This requirement is optional for those with a baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited college or university.

TEAS retakes must be at least 60 days apart. TEAS V is the only accepted test for students applying to the Associate Degree Nursing program. Source: Program: Nursing - Registered Nursing, A.A.S. (A45110) - Gaston College

I am super close to Charlotte (Mt Holly) All of the schools I have looked at around here require a good TEAS score. I suggest getting the TEAS study guide from ATI, it really really helped me. Also, my school offers a lot of FREE TEAS refreshers.

At Wake Tech Community College, you get points added to your score if you do well on the TEAS. But there is no minimum requirement score on the TEAS to be accepted into the program.

Belmont Abbey College and Queens University.

Try private colleges, as they are typically more flexible with requirements in my experience.

I recently heard that South College in Asheville, NC does not require a TEAS score for their BS Nursing program or any other allied health programs. They said they used to require it but it was unrepresentative of the student's success me discintinued it. They are regionally accredited and more information is on their website at South College - Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

There is also a fairly new school in Charlotte that specializes in nursing. The school is called Chamberlain School of Nursing. They have an entrance exam (called the HESI) as well, but from what I hear, it is easier than the TEAS. There is a website that gives free help to prepare for the TEAS 6 as well as the HESI.


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I know the TEAS can be difficult for a lot of people. I would suggest she get the ATI TEAS book and the practice tests. She can treat studying as a class over the summer and really learn the information well. I found that the key to the test in some parts was just learning how understand what the test was asking, or learning the test style. It may be worth the class or better yet, employing a private tutor for her problem areas. When she took the test, she should have gotten a print out of the areas that need improvement. Use that as a study guide. I know the test can be daunting, but she can do it! Keep at it. Wishing her luck! :)

Hello there. Does anybody have an idea where I can get free TEAS prep course around Charlotte, NC? Thank You.

Hello does anyone know what is the maximum points to get into wake tech in Raleigh, NC. I heard 60 points.

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