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  1. Hello guys, I have a 20 yr old daughter that wants to be a nurse...we live in Charlotte,NC and I'm trying to find a college close by she can attend that doesn't require a TEAS TEST V passing score...she's getting ready to graduate next month with a General Studies Degree and have all of her prerequisites classes for nursing program but can not seem to pass TEAS TEST...she took it once but scored low and now she's discouraged because she wants to become a nurse but can't seem to pass TEAS TEST with high enough score...3.5 GPA I'm looking into TEAS TEST V PREP EXAM Course at CPCC I thought that might help her do well next time she takes TEAS TEST EXAM...if anyone no of any Colleges in the North Carolina area that doesn't require TEAS TEST to get in LPN or RN program please let me know...any suggestions or advice and resource information would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks,