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  1. coneal783

    Questions for clinical research RNs

    What are the typical work hours for a research RN? Is it M-F usually? Holidays? Are shifts 8 hours? Thanks so much!
  2. I'm a new grad RN, and I've been on a CT surgical stepdown unit for 5 months now. I know that any new grad job will be stressful and a huge learning curve. But I'm having headaches, diarrhea, etc. before every shift, dreading what I'll run into. I hate to leave my unit before at least 1 year, but I fear my health will go downhill if I try to hang on. What nursing fields are comparably lower stress?
  3. coneal783

    New grad nurse--how soon for PRN job?

    I am graduating in May, and have already lined up a full-time nursing job (3-12-hour shifts per week). Eventually, I will be wanting to get a PRN job at another facility to work 1 shift every 1-2 weeks. I want another facility so that I can have some variety and learn another area/field. How soon can/should I look for a PRN job...a whole year, 6 months, a few months? Anyone have advice who did this?
  4. coneal783

    Wake Tech Fall 2017 start

    Wow, awesome! I was just looking at the price difference! Thanks for letting us know.
  5. coneal783

    Wake Tech Fall 2017 start

    I was there too. I'm glad I was there to show interest, but I got nothing out of the review. But if that's all that will be on the real test, that's awesome! I feel much better about it now.
  6. coneal783

    Wake Tech Fall 2017 start

    I miscalculated my points as well. Apparently I had 167 instead of 161. It sounds like they're thinking several more alternates will get spots. Best of luck to everyone! I'm on schedule A for the fall. Hope to see you all around!
  7. coneal783

    Wake Tech Fall 2017 start

    Yes, I think the background check and the consent form were the only things we had to do before tomorrow. I'm probably going to bring a copy of my receipt for it, along with my acceptance letter, and a notebook to take notes. I'm sure they'll have a ton of information for us tomorrow. I can't imagine what all we'll talk about from 9am-4pm!
  8. Hi all! I just got accepted to an RN program that starts in August. I've finished all my pre-reqs and I'm wondering what I should focus on for the summer. Should I start studying medical abbreviations and dosage calculations, or should I just take some time to relax and save up money?
  9. coneal783

    New CNA & Night Shift

    I work as a CNA and am currently finishing my pre-reqs. I just started working night shift (7P-7A) at the hospital, and I have class at 8:00AM on Mondays. Technically it's been doable, but it makes for a really long day to go straight to class after night shift--especially if you have to work Monday night too. I've talked to several nurses on my unit and they all recommend that once I start the actual nursing program, that I drop my hours and not work the night before class.
  10. coneal783

    Wake Tech Fall 2017 start

    When you log into blackboard, go into the Gateway to Sucess-Nursing Curriculum course. In the NUR 111 course info heading, there's a folder for NUR 111 course material. In that folder there's a file with medical abbreviations. I'm sure we don't need to study before the orientation, but I want to at least get started.
  11. coneal783

    Wake Tech Fall 2017 start

    Hey all. I haven't checked this thread in a while due to crazy work schedule and studying for finals. Congrats to all those going to orientation! And for those not accepted this time, it sounds like you'll have a good chance next time! I now have access to the Gateway information on blackboard. It looks like we need to start looking at the medical abbreviations and dosage calculation info. I'm sure they'll go over it at orientation, but I'm going to start flash cards for the abbreviations. Some I know, but a lot are new.
  12. coneal783

    Wake Tech Fall 2017 start

    Anyone receive letters today? Was today a PO holiday?
  13. coneal783

    New Grad BSN

    I believe the new BSN graduates that were recently hired on at UNC Rex started at $26/hr. I'm not sure what their shift diffs are, though.
  14. coneal783

    Wake Tech Fall 2017 start

    I just looked in WebAdvisor, at "My Profile" under the Academics and Registration menu, and my academic program is still showing "Pre-Nursing." Maybe it's different for the LPN-RN students, but I guess they don't change your program until they verify that you've accepted. So, don't freak out if yours hasn't changed...doesn't mean that you haven't been accepted.
  15. coneal783

    Wake Tech Fall 2017 start

    I didn't receive any email either. I would contact the advising dept ASAP and let them know about your address situation. Maybe they can put you in touch with someone from the nursing dept.
  16. coneal783

    How am I gonna pay for this???

    I don't think anyone was trying to be hurtful, just giving you some real things to think about. I know I will be saddled with massive student loan debt for years to come, mostly from previous degrees. But, I feel that nursing is worth it, and I am worth it, to invest in my future career. You have to think of it as an investment, and what it's worth to you. If you will love your career and feel satisfied, then it's definitely worth taking out loans. Afterall, we can't take money with us when we leave this world!

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