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Starting nursing program in August...suggestions for summer?


Hi all! I just got accepted to an RN program that starts in August. I've finished all my pre-reqs and I'm wondering what I should focus on for the summer. Should I start studying medical abbreviations and dosage calculations, or should I just take some time to relax and save up money?

mindofmidwifery, ADN

Specializes in ICU Stepdown.

If you're gonna go over medical abbreviations, make sure they're the allowed ones. Studying dosage calculations would be pointless unless you need to brush up on basic math. I would just work if you don't plan on taking summer classes.

You should relax.. 100 percent.

Hi, I'm starting back this month after a 7 months off, second time in pharmacology, failed to make the grade. Seize the day. Know your anatomy & physiology, cranial nerves and look back through your psych (know Erickson well), know the neurotransmitters of the CNS, especially the ones that work on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Make the day count, if you are solid on this stuff, then look ahead. Maybe watch some videos on a full body assessment, go to ANA website and look around there.

Good grades to ya,