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  1. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    Do we still have orientation Thursday? I've not received any emails or anything so I'm just gonna show up.
  2. NC nursing programs without TEAS test, TEAS prep help, etc

  3. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    You can register for 111, but it's essentially only for financial aid purposes...they'll come up with their own schedules for everyone before the semester begins.
  4. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    Everyone get their stuff turned in?
  5. Spouse-dependent sleep

    Is it normal for spouse #1 to expect spouse #2 to be in bed while/until #1 goes to sleep? Is this a common or normal thing?
  6. I am afraid of Anatomy and Physiology

    This post makes my brain hurt. LPN will be harder than a single A&P course, yes.
  7. advice? so depressed.

    How can you be a computer and TV whore if you're spending all your time studying? But anyway, you'll make it. Seems like the majority of people get hit by the first semester stressors, and it effects everyone differently. I'm nervous about how I migh...
  8. Nursing School Blues - I feel trapped!

    You're incredibly young. If you're going to change careers, now is the time to do'll figure that out in 5 or 10 years when you're 30 and you realize enough is enough and you have to start over. And good point. I should have said you only ori...
  9. Nursing School Blues - I feel trapped!

    I don't care why you feel this way. The fact that you already have your little woe is me attitude is the problem. But you're just a pup. Bless your heart kiddo, I hope you figure yourself out. Your original post mentioned nothing about disliking a ce...
  10. Nursing School Blues - I feel trapped!

    It doesn't matter who I am or where exactly you posted your whiney vomit. It was all very negative (nothing positive or hopeful), and if you actually feel that way about your job, you should figure out something else to do with your life. You haven't...
  11. Nursing School Blues - I feel trapped!

    Naw but for real, if you feel tortured going to work everyday, you do need to find a new path. No one wants a nurse who doesn't wanna be there. And most mental health professionals would probably say you're hurting yourself and those around you by be...
  12. Nursing School Blues - I feel trapped!

    You're traaaapped, maaan.
  13. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    Oh, exciting...good to know, thank you for letting us know! Must be just CNA stuff at first? I apparently have no idea what to expect.
  14. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    I could be wrong, but I was under the impression there were no clinical first semester.
  15. A & P final grades are in, what's urs

    This is the world's biggest look-at-me thread. Yeah, wtg you got a 101%! I wish I went to a college that offered extra credit...must me tough.