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AlleycatLady is a BSN and specializes in ER.

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  1. AlleycatLady

    Your First Nursing Resume

    These are very great tips. Excellent tips. In my past career this is pretty much what I followed until I got past the ten year mark when I needed two pages I'm wondering if a career changer with relevant transferable skills should include some things from past career though.
  2. AlleycatLady

    He Said I "Act Like I'm In Med School or Something!"

    RUN FAST and FAR AWAY from him!!!
  3. AlleycatLady

    Gaston College LPN Fall 2016

    Thanks for sharing!!!
  4. AlleycatLady

    Chamberlain College (Charlotte) 2016

    While the acceptance at Chamberlain was good, I'm still waiting on my first choice though. Hopefully I'll find out in the next couple of weeks.
  5. AlleycatLady

    Gaston College LPN Fall 2016

    At the info session I went to, the question of how many students apply on average was asked. So I wanted to do some quick and dirty statistics to show how it's possible that qualified applicants could get turned down. You guys give some great insight too. This is good. Let's keep sharing [emoji3]
  6. AlleycatLady

    Gaston College LPN Fall 2016

    Guys I'm just trying to keep us talking and sharing. This is great conversation. Thanks 🤓
  7. AlleycatLady

    Gaston College LPN Fall 2016

    According to NCBON, there are 70 spaces available per year. However, that includes the current class as well. So if I were to guess at the percentages to determine the number of seats available for acceptance, I'd say that there is probably about 30 students in the current class since they generally lose half the class to failure. Then that would leave about 40 seats available for the fall (70-30=40). This would explain why everyone who qualified in terms of cut off points wouldn't necessarily get in when there at at least 120 applicants. Also if you do a standard bell curve, you would probably see about 3 student scores of 14; 18 student scores between 12 and 13; almost 78 student scores between 5 and 12; 18 student scores between 4 and 5; 3 student scores less than 4. (estimates) All accepted students would be pealed off the top tiers. So the 3 students who scored 14 plus the 18 students who scored 12 to 13 plus 19 of the 78 students who scored between 5 and 12 would be accepted based on highest scores and available seats. The odds of a student with a score of 5 or 6 getting in are slim, because there's probably a high proportion of 9 through 12 scores. The agony of waiting sucks!!! Good luck everyone!
  8. AlleycatLady

    Gaston College LPN Fall 2016

    Yeah this is very important to me. I truly hope to be granted acceptance. Mid April sounds like the end of next week to me. I'll take whatever shift they give me, day or night I don't care. Then I want to do their LPN to RN so that I can continue on up the chain while getting experience at the same time. When we get in, let's stick together and help each other get through the program successfully. I wish you all luck!
  9. AlleycatLady

    NP Salaries/Location/Specialties

    What is a day in the life of your job like? What do you do? Do you counsel the patients? I'm asking because I just want to get a feel for what your day is like. Thanks, Z
  10. AlleycatLady

    Chamberlain College (Charlotte) 2016

    So far so good. I have a great admissions advisor. He keeps me informed. That's pretty much all I've encountered so far. As the process moves along, I'll post more.
  11. AlleycatLady

    Chamberlain College (Charlotte) 2016

    I got accepted to the May 2016 class start date. I'll let you know how things go.
  12. AlleycatLady

    Gaston College LPN Fall 2016

    Yeah I got 11 too
  13. Thank you Ladyvp05, It looks like you've got everything together on this. That's excellent! It doesn't sound like you will have any problems in the job department. I think its all about networking anyway. At least that's how I'v got some of my jobs. All the others, I've got at the interview...I never leave without asking for and getting the job. I digress... When you applied for your scholarship, did you do it through your school or through the hospital that offered it? The reason I ask is...sometimes that school will have those same scholarships offered, and that way you only have to fill out one application.
  14. Getting experience is exactly what I had in mind!
  15. AlleycatLady

    Can an NP work 2 different specialties at the same time?

    Well perhaps I just didn't explain it well enough. I should have left the FNP specialty out all together. What I meant was that I'm at war with becoming an FNP (which deals with Family nursing) and becoming a CRNA (nurse anesthetist) or Psychiatric NP (psychiatric nurse practitioner). So if I don't do CRNA, then its a toss up between FNP and Psychiatric NP. I was attempting to share why I'm interested in different specialties. Disregard my attempt
  16. Yes, the costs are very much a factor. I'm finding that even though the BSN traditional route would make sense as it relates to the amount of time it would take vs the RN and the advantages of having the BSN out of the way...However, most of the schools around here cost arms, legs, and elbows to get the BSN. One thing that helps me is that I already have a BS and I will enroll in an RN to MSN program while I work. I've found a few schools who offer this route. I've decided to take the RN route! Thank you guys so much. Your insight has been so helpful. Sometimes you just need to bounce things off of more experienced folks.