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Anyone else notice that the few people who are speaking "for" NMA seem to be all new members here whose only posts are in this one thread? And the people who are posting valid facts are long-term members here who have participated in multiple discussions in multiple forums on multiple topics?

I'm just sayin'....


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Not sure what that's supposed to mean, but....

I've been coming to this website for years to get information. Some people seem to feel more than others that their opinion should be heard. I've never really had a reason to post until now.

When I wanted to find about about National Academy, guess where I came. HERE. But I also like to do my own research if it's something I'm going to invest my time, money, and effort in. And as a result, I've chosen to take issue with several of the posted comments.

So recently, I've become one of those people who thinks their opinion is worth blogging about.


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Umm... so is that why you just joined on September 2nd?


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Umm... so is that why you just joined on September 2nd?



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You say that NMA said they could tutor you for an exam? A nursing exam? One that you would be taking in a real nursing program? Why on earth would you go anywhere else other than classmates or your instructors in the program for tutoring?

Okay, people enough of all that bull crap talk. I will tell you the real deal about National Medical Academy. You can call the state boards as many times as you want all over the U.S and they will tell you no it's not a school it's a scam. National Medical Academy is a tutorial program, that's what they have a license for to be a tutorial school. They can tutor you for your state boards. They will process you for your state boards and get you license. I'm not going to say how they can get you license but I will say that when they sumit your application to the state boards it don't say National Medical Academy and It will show that it is accredited. So you can say it's the hook up school. But you do get the upmost education, I was in the LPN program and they taught us out of the RN books so I learned alot more then they would normally teach an LPN. So all the people out there who have something to say bad about the school you should know I graduate and have my LPN license. If you're unsure about the program then just don't attend and don't call the state boards because you're messsing it up for other people. The state of michigan already came out to the school before and the school show them their license to be a tutorial program and they said okay,there's nothing they can do about it. But before I went to this school I went to Brown Mackie now they are the scam artist. They take, take, take from you and kick you to the curve. If the enrollment is down for the quarter I notice that they will fail so many people to make that money back . I had a friend who made it all the way to the end of the program and they failed her because she couldn't pass her exit exam. So I wouldn't recommend Brown Mackie, and I would't recommend National Medical Academy to everyone either because it's not for everyone, I would say go to a community college and get your nursing there if you have no experience in the medical field. If you have experience in the medical field then, NMA would probably work out fine for you.

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Has anyone ever heard of National Medical Academy based in Riverdale Ga. I live in Michigan and I've been hearing alot about this school I was told that they offered lpn certificates that only to took one year to complete. But that wasn't what sold me I was also told that the school offered LPN to Rn courses that only took 9 months to complete. Considering I'm already a Lpn I decided to check it out. I went to the school which is located in a church here in mich. I wasn't able to speak to anyone because you had to have an appt. So I basically want to know if any of my GA peaches can give me any insight on this school since its based out Ga. One more thing cash only is the method of payment they havent been approved to accept financial aid etc. Sounds to good to be true

Closing thread since original question answered, that program is NOT a nursing education program but instead a review program for to help passing NCLEX license exam, it is up each individual how they will spend their monies in order to become a licensed nurse.

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