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Has anyone ever heard of National Medical Academy based in Riverdale Ga. I live in Michigan and I've been hearing alot about this school I was told that they offered lpn certificates that only to took one year to complete. But that wasn't what sold me I was also told that the school offered LPN to Rn courses that only took 9 months to complete. Considering I'm already a Lpn I decided to check it out. I went to the school which is located in a church here in mich. I wasn't able to speak to anyone because you had to have an appt. So I basically want to know if any of my GA peaches can give me any insight on this school since its based out Ga. One more thing cash only is the method of payment they havent been approved to accept financial aid etc. Sounds to good to be true


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Sounds like a nightmare to me. Cash only? Can you say no recourse? Not approved for finanical aid? What else are they not approved for?


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Sounds like a nightmare to me. Cash only? Can you say no recourse? Not approved for finanical aid? What else are they not approved for?

I agree with you totally I started a thread within the georgia region and found out that their only known for Medical asst. training. I'm going to go ahead with my first mind and stick with a community college etc.


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ok i live in ga. and i went to this meeting thing with a doctor from that school. I only have to pay $2500 (i'll pay $138 every 2 weeks) since im hispanic and biligual ($4500 for everyone else) for the 7 month course for medical assistant. I have to pay a $300 deposit, $50 for application, and $125 for the uniform, book, and the thing to check blood pressure. Im still in high school and I still qualify to go since you dont need a high school diploma. Im not totally sure about the cash only thing but they said that if you qualify for financial aid then your good and they accept it. i start in 2 weeks and my classes will be on fridays and saturdays from 5-9 pm. they also said that they help you find a job after you finish the course.

my mom is totally excited about it. she thinks its such a great opportunity but we're still a little skeptical.. what if it really is too good to be true? im gonna take my chances and go ahead and do it.. i might not get an opportunity like this again.

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cash only, held in a church because they don't have their own facility, not accredited for financial aid, can't talk without an apointment? Sorry but these are great big red flags and alarms :redlight: , have you found out from the MI BON if you would even be eligible to take boards for MI at the end of it all? Just doesn't seem right.

3lyster - check around, before you put money into this school in your area, seems like alot, also call around and check as to what job opportunities you have as an MA in your area as many schools like these inflate the opportunities and pay, get all the info from outside sources, good luck to both of you


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I attended National Medical Academy in Mich. Me and three of my friends attended and we all got our LPN and our RN through the school. The school in GA and the school in Mich is not connected. Yes you can get your Mich nursing licensing through them. Its a great school and it is not fake and the price is great. I got my BSN from the school and not a certificate. They have you to make a appointment so that they will have time to answer all your questions and give you a tour.

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I'm skeptical that the 2 people touting the greatness of this "National school-in-a-church" just joined in March & April and each have 1 post on their belt. Promoting anything? Hmmm?? :yawn:


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No I am not just promoting anything like I said I went there and finish so I know what I am talking about. I have my RN License. I am not trying to gain no post, I am just speaking the truth and what I know and if you have never attended the school, how can you comment on something you don't know about.



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I really need to talk to you. I go to a national medical academy. This "academy" is located in windy hill. It used to be in a church. I am very scare that all this is fraud. I have heard and found out so many things about this academy.

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My local community college's LPN program takes two semesters after pre-reqs (I only had to take two pre-reqs). After you have your LPN, you can get your RN (ADN) in another two semesters.

Doesn't sound any different from what this "program" is... one year for LPN (two semesters + pre-reqs) and nine months for RN (two semesters). And my community college is approved for financial aid, has a monthly payment plan, and has an actual facility with an actual program.

Just sayin'....


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I went through the same thing all the rumors about the school but what I did was found out all the information for my self. Me and three of my friends went and finish so you just have to take your time and do some deep research about National Medical Academy. Do you know anybody who attended or someone who know somebody who attend that could help ease some of your fears about going. Did you go to the school and talk with someone and took a tour because that's what help me and my friends make our minds up plus we talk to some of the students that was about to graduate and they told us some good information. I hope this help out. Good luck


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Well I would like to talk with them but they dont have a phone number or address listed?? can anyone help

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