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My Apologies

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So I was a user named gavin513 then salty fish.

I have Bipolar schizoeffective and I just got accepted to nursing school. My mental illness is the biggest bane of my life.

I suppose apologies are In order because I was a bit of a dick due to my mental condition I tend to think everyone is out to get me.

Fortunateley my doctors knows my goals and thinks they are achievable which is really all I ask to have is a shot.

If I am being frank here I will not survive nursing school much less nursing without complete stability. When I am stable I am straight A student when I am unstable I am an F student. Like no joke when I am stable I am a straight A student when I am not I fail.

Fortunatley the doctors think my goals are achievable and my prognosis is good.

I want to become a nurse because a nurse practitioner saved my life so the goal was eventually to become one. However even being a CNA I found rewarding and while I still want to go further whith my education its not about the degree but about helping people whom have suffered like me.

I want to issue a sincere thank you to all nurses everywhere without you I would literally be dead so thank you.

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When I was in my psych rotation at RN school my clinical placement was at a VA hospital psych unit.  I met and interacted with CNA's who worked on the ward and found their duties to be very well suited to the unit population.  They weren't doing so much the usual things that CNA's do in a LTC facility.  Should you find the stress of nursing school to be too much you still have the avenue of working as a psych CNA, but you have to maintain your certification to get the job.  Just a thought for you.  Good luck with your new goal.  And stop apologizing!  Didn't I remember that you apologized on this site before?  Once is enough.  Everybody gets a chance to start over with a clean slate, you too!

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Best of luck to you, @SaltyFish513! I hope all continues to go well for you.

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