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  1. zbb13

    Your most bonehead moment in nursing. Or 2. Or 3.

    I removed the spike from an IV bag that was half full, while it was still hanging. I had been acting pretty cool and know it all until that point. I had an unintended shower. I helped a postpartum patient to the toilet. I bent down to remove her old, super blood saturated pad. I’m still not certain what happened, but the pad flipped, spraying blood everywhere. I had new bloody freckles on my face, in my hair, and a little on my lips. Ugh! Much to the relief of my patient, I came in to remove her IV heplock. I’m such a cool, competent nurse. I’m sure she was impressed. Fifteen minutes later, I walked in to deliver her last dose of IV antibiotics. Yes, IV antibiotics. I am a little forgetful sometimes. She had such a laugh. Thank goodness her physician (my cousin by some odd coincidence) said I could d/c the meds as she was sufficiently covered. Phew. The patient was very happy. I could continue on for pages and pages, unfortunately.
  2. zbb13

    Words of Guidance to New Nurse

    Only three things: 1. Take a small notebook and make a note of things you might forget later or when you go out on your own. 2. Don’t gossip. Don’t get involved with gossipers. Try to stay neutral. Don’t get dragged in. 3. Don’t give away much information about your private life. You have no idea who might use that information against you in the future. I’ve heard incredible things working nights. People lose their inhibitions when they’re tired or stressed or just because it’s dark and late and it feels safe. Wait until you’ve been on your unit for at least 6 months and you’ve figured out whom to trust. I know that sounds like strange advice, but it’s advice I would give myself if I had to start again. Best of luck.
  3. zbb13

    My nursing career has been a failure

    I totally agree. You’re not a loser. You’ve persevered way beyond what I think would be the norm. So many stressors. Many years ago I was essentially laid off with 120 other people. I went through anger, depression...all the stages of grief. And that was for a lousy job that I disliked and didn’t plan on sticking with long term. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. I think you should pursue other types of nursing related jobs. Don’t give up on so many years of experience. Try pursue something that matches one of your passions. If you’re not worried about money, pick something you are fascinated with, perhaps would never have considered in other circumstances. Bring some fresh air into your life. Just go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose. Best of luck!
  4. zbb13

    The Worst Interview of My Life! Ever!

    I went for an interview for a resource position. The hospital wing was brand new. I was instructed to arrive at such and such location and they would let the manager know I was there. I was 15 minutes early. Gave the info to the concierge. They called the manager. I waited. They sent me to a different wing of the hospital, to a volunteer desk with a very harried lady. The unit was locked and she called upstairs for someone to come and admit me. I waited another 15 minutes. No one came. I repeatedly questioned whether the manager knew I was there. She was desperately paging through the booklet she had with all the units and relevant offices and staff. Finally, I asked her to let me onto the unit, which she did. The unit appeared empty. I searched for someone, anyone, to direct me to the manager. I finally found a secretary. She didn’t know how to reach the manager by telephone but stated she thought she knew where the new office was. She didn’t. Now I was very very tardy. After rushing back and forth, with her knocking on various doors, she found the office. I’m now sweating and having anxiety symptoms. The manager and staffing person greet me with “Hi. We wondered what happened to you!” Didn’t give me a chance to explain. Launched into questions. The manager then discovered she had read my resume incorrectly and had assumed I was qualified for an area I wasn’t. Needless to say, I really should have left at this point. I stayed for a tour (I was curious). Somehow got into a small argument with the staffing person, who to say the least, was giving very misleading information. I may have gently called her on it oops. I wasn’t very surprised when I didn’t get the job. I actually want to laugh as I relate this. It was the craziest situation I’ve ever been in.
  5. zbb13

    Truman College Nursing Students starting Fall 2011!!

    Unfortunately, I already did that, a couple of days ago. Didn't help.
  6. I did not get my orientation package from Truman, despite calling, speaking to them, and emailing them. I can't get hold of anyone there today. Could someone please private message me and I will message them back with my email address. If you could forward me the "package" I would really appreciate it. I'm losing valuable days to get all the stuff together. Thanks so much for your help!!
  7. zbb13

    Truman College Nursing Students starting Fall 2011!!

    I still don't have my email, and there is no answer at Truman. Can someone here please private message me and I will send them my email address. If you can forward the letters to me, I would really appreciate it. I am so frustrated. I am now days behind everyone else in getting my stuff together. Thanks so much
  8. Truman offers quite a few different options for clinicals, but they are not flexible at all, and as far as I know, there are no weekend ones (I will stand corrected if I am wrong). I was told I would spend approximately 20 hours a week simply reading to keep up with class expectations.
  9. zbb13

    What was the lowest diastolic bp you have seen?

    Mine. 60/40 and dropping after epidural. Everything was going black, and I thought perhaps I was dying, which was a little anxiety provoking, to say the least. Woke up later.
  10. zbb13

    Truman College Nursing Students starting Fall 2011!!

    No problem, chicagonurse2b. See you all in the Fall (and please post if you receive the "packet" so we'll know if we didn't--thanks).
  11. zbb13

    L&D nurses: Advice please!

    I'm not a nurse, yet, but I have a bunch of kids. I had some of the kids naturally, and some with epidurals, and one with an induction and no epidural. You need an advocate who can really stand up for you. I once came in to L&D adamant that I didn't want an epidural. I needed to be induced due to bleeding, and although they thought I was a crazy person (the contractions are stronger with the induction), they allowed me to do this sans epidural. It all would have been a lot easier if my husband had been able to stand up for me (he is uncomfortable with medical procedures and in hospitals in general). It was harder when the doctor came in and demanded something I didn't want. That was the toughest. I didn't want my water broken with one of my later babies (my experience was that it made my contractions slow down or stop), and he insisted. He came in at 11:30 p.m. and he was already in a mood. I didn't want to hurt the relationship with the guy who was about to deliver me, so I gave in. They broke my water, and my labor stopped. I needed pitocin. One of the nurses commented that I had been right all along, but she did this when the doctor was outside somewhere. I didn't go back to him for my next birth. Every labor is different, so it does require flexibility on your part. I never saw the point in birth plans, I just let them know what I preferred when I arrived on the L&D floor. I said it as respectfully as possible. Most were helpful. Some became cold and critical. I wish I had taken an assertive person who knew my wishes 100% and could have stood firm with and for me. I hope you have an easy birth, the one you are dreaming of, and a healthy baby.
  12. zbb13

    First AP1 class....

    I read the chapters in the text, recorded the lectures and listened to them at least once, and then took notes on the info. Then, I made flashcards. I never really studied them, just the repetition of writing them was good for me. It's a more multi-sensory approach. I also watched videos on youtube on subjects I wanted to understand better (for anatomy, see Prof. Marian Diamond's classes). If I needed to study anatomy, I would photocopy the diagram with blank labels and then I would test myself over and over again by having to write out the names of the body parts. All of this worked for me--I had the highest grade in the class. I didn't regret all of the work, because I didn't really have to even take the departmental final exam in order to get a decent grade.
  13. I have a BA in English, and my school wanted me to take the English 101 class--I hadn't taken it in University because I tested out and took a higher one. I eventually got them to reconsider and received my credit. What a waste of my time, energy, and money that would have been. I repeated all of my sciences because mine were older than yours. I don't think I really needed to repeat Chem or Biology, but I think a recent Anatomy and Physiology is a must.
  14. zbb13

    How did everyone do in your Spring classes?

    Got an A in A&P II. It was really a LOT of work, and I am happy I am moving on to Nursing School in the Fall--yay.
  15. zbb13

    Truman Nursing Application Extension

    That's great, Ruby. Hope you have a successful year.