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  1. SaltyFish513

    Is it responsible of me to try to become a nurse?

    I mean I admitted to my professor in mental health my condition, and his advice was for me to keep going. He said what mattered was a nurses heart. I am quite stable in terms of positive symptoms. In terms of negatives symptoms that is another matter. I find I struggle to find motivation.
  2. I have a psychotic disorder. I am in a BSN program. I managed to pass my first semester of an accelerated program with 4 Bs and a C. Yet I wonder if it is responsible of me to become a nurse given my history of psychoses. I consider giving up on this career choice despite shelling out 20k in loans. I have not had psychoses in two years, but its only a matter of time before it returns. I wonder If I am being responsible pursing this career. I desperately want to not be disabled by this condition and pursue a normal career path. I desperately want to reclaim my life from the ruinations psychoses caused, but perhaps I am not being realistic. The doctors state my goals are attainable, and my progneses very good perhaps I should believe them I just don't. I view this diagnoses as the end of my life. I repeatedly get told I can do this, but I don't believe it. I have been an inpatient in a psychiatric ward . I suppose I should listen to the doctors when they tell me there is no reason to give up on my dreams that I am capable of this they would know, but it is difficult. I wonder if I can give the proper care given my condition. Of course when I am stable I have no doubt, but when I am unstable I wonder if I might endanger the patient unintentionally, but none the less whether or not I have any business doing this career path. Its probably irrelevant as I have my doubts I will pass through nursing school despite passing my first semester. Call me cynical, but my life experiences have made me so. I wonder if pursuing this career is even responsible of me given my history. I might be able to pass, and I might even be able to give adequate care for a time, but given my history I wonder if I might not end up endangering a patient at a certain point. Perhaps I should cease my pursuit of this.
  3. SaltyFish513

    Article Contest: What is Your Nurse Hero Story?

    My nurse hero topic is why I decided to become a nurse in the first place if I ever make it. A resident doctor missed an 11cm mrsa infection in my left lung. A nurse practioner caught it by ordering an x-ray. I would be dead without her intervention She became my hero and I dedicated my life to giving back by becoming a nurse. It is very difficult for me to become a nurse given that I am schizoaffective, but I decided that it was worth the risk. It is better than a lifetime on disability any ways I am currently in my first semester of a BSN program and I am likely to get 4 Bs I can be a jerk at times, but I take the debt I owe seriously I owe a debt to nurses as I would literally be dead without them. Doctors too, but it was the np who caught the mrsa infection So that's my story I hope to become a nurse despite my conditions, but god alone knows if I will I do not know if my conditions will allow for it, but I take my debt very seriously. Its why I pursued a BSN in the first place, and It seems like I will pass my first semester. I only regret that I was not able to thank her properly I delivered a card to the clinic of thanks, but I never got to see her again. When she literally saved my life
  4. SaltyFish513

    So I just started nursing school

    I have a psychotic disorder of some kind. Currently in remission. Initially I feared it would put paid to my dreams of becoming a nurse. Yet here I am graduating in spring 2021 if I pass. Its under control, and I have to say this first semester of nursing school has made me incredibly happy just to be there. I am taking a break from studying just to breathe it all in given that its the first week. Tommorow i intend to binge the adaptive quizzes for as long as I can. Its only been a week but I am loving ever minute of it. Some how I felt like having had a psychotic episode I would never get this far. Now I can almost taste it, and I am enjoying myself. As long as I manage the disease and don't have another I feel like I can actually do this, and enjoy it. I love it.
  5. SaltyFish513

    My Apologies

    No problem oh I recognize Whith our treatment I am dead in the water. As I said in remission I was a straight a student in an episode its f I think I can expect similar in nursing school and god willing on the job I intend to stay in treatment for life
  6. Great user has seen this troubled (me) soul through multiple usernames and his own issues.

    1. Davey Do

      Davey Do

      I don't understand. What do you mean?

  7. SaltyFish513

    My Apologies

    Well thank you all I have had 3 diagnoses depression with psychotic tendencies bipolar schizo effective and schizophrenia. The one thing apparent is I have a hallucinatory disorder which frequently causes me to act like a but Fortunately for me and all I care about I had an epiphany it aint real so now I can go back to treating people like they truly are not out to get me. Even still I have had remissive phases I will probably need remission to get through nursing school and hold down a job as a nurse fortunately I have read and talked to decades long remission patients. You all sincerely make me want to cry because for the longest time I was convinced for the longest time people were out to get me, and despite the wrong I have done due to this condition and my own choice I get this support thank you.
  8. SaltyFish513

    My Apologies

    So I was a user named gavin513 then salty fish. I have Bipolar schizoeffective and I just got accepted to nursing school. My mental illness is the biggest bane of my life. I suppose apologies are In order because I was a bit of a dick due to my mental condition I tend to think everyone is out to get me. Fortunateley my doctors knows my goals and thinks they are achievable which is really all I ask to have is a shot. If I am being frank here I will not survive nursing school much less nursing without complete stability. When I am stable I am straight A student when I am unstable I am an F student. Like no joke when I am stable I am a straight A student when I am not I fail. Fortunatley the doctors think my goals are achievable and my prognosis is good. I want to become a nurse because a nurse practitioner saved my life so the goal was eventually to become one. However even being a CNA I found rewarding and while I still want to go further whith my education its not about the degree but about helping people whom have suffered like me. I want to issue a sincere thank you to all nurses everywhere without you I would literally be dead so thank you.

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