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    My Apologies

    So I was a user named gavin513 then salty fish. I have Bipolar schizoeffective and I just got accepted to nursing school. My mental illness is the biggest bane of my life. I suppose apologies are In order because I was a bit of a dick due to my mental condition I tend to think everyone is out to get me. Fortunateley my doctors knows my goals and thinks they are achievable which is really all I ask to have is a shot. If I am being frank here I will not survive nursing school much less nursing without complete stability. When I am stable I am straight A student when I am unstable I am an F student. Like no joke when I am stable I am a straight A student when I am not I fail. Fortunatley the doctors think my goals are achievable and my prognosis is good. I want to become a nurse because a nurse practitioner saved my life so the goal was eventually to become one. However even being a CNA I found rewarding and while I still want to go further whith my education its not about the degree but about helping people whom have suffered like me. I want to issue a sincere thank you to all nurses everywhere without you I would literally be dead so thank you.